Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been tagged to have the talent of Lionel Messi and the willpower of Cristiano Ronaldo, according to his agent Mino Raiola, going as far as saying the AC Milan forward would have eight Ballons d’Or if only the public votes were the decision-making vote.

The Swedish striker has almost never been in contention for the prolific award for individual players, as casino joka casino en ligne having formerly placed odds on the player’s success in every league he played.

Although he has appeared in the long list of nominees in the past few years, he has never been included in the top three.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo and Messi, have shared 11 of the prolific award between them, with the Argentine forward having one award over his long-term rival with a record-breaking six.

Agent Raiola claims that Ibrahimovic’s stance would have been significant if the power were removed from the hands of professionals and instead given to an immense fan base.

He believes the Milan forward, who is still formidable at the age of 39, to be the most complete player ever in football today, as his cabinet of trophies and his 558 career goals have proved just complete.

Speaking to an Italian outlet, Tuttosport, Raiola said: “I immediately say that between Cristiano Ronaldo, of whom I’m a big fan and Messi, I’ll always pick the Portuguese.

“Zlatan, on the other hand, is from another planet in his own right. He is the most complete player ever in the history of football.

“He has the talent of Messi and the willpower of CR7. If the Ballon d’Or had been voted for by the public, I know he would have won eight.”

The 39-year-old forward is currently plying his trade for Serie A club Milan alongside another Raiola’s clients, the young goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who has been tagged by high roller online casinos to be a top figure in Europe top five leagues.

After seeing a previous move away from the San Siro stadium fall out, the young Italian goalkeeper is willing to see out the rest of his contract, which will be expiring in the summer of 2021.

Raiola, however, stands reluctant when a potential extension is being handed to the Italian goalkeeper, as he wants to weigh his options before signing a deal with any club.

Raiola continued: “He’s a Milan player at the moment, and then we’ll see.

“For sure, Gigio is no longer the one he was four years ago and there are many who ask about him. But I’ll stop here. I don’t want that it becomes a media renewal like last time [when the last extension was signed in 2017].”