In recent years, UX design has had an important relevance in the world of technology and web design. Especially, because it seeks to satisfy and attract the attention of the greatest number of people worldwide. In this year 2022, users have focused on optimizing the necessary processes so that UX design is better and better.

Resulting in jobs being increasingly in demand. Do you want to find good UX design jobs? Searching among the best job platforms, creating a profile that attracts attention, and providing quality service will help you do it. Continue reading!


The 9 Best Job Boards To Find Good UX Design Jobs

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced worker, or just exploring the world of UX design. To start off on the right foot, it is recommended that you access some of the best platforms for freelancers. Choose one of the 10 best that we bring for you!

1. UX Job Board

To start with the best and most direct option, there is the platform specially designed to find and search for jobs related to UX design. It is a platform that facilitates the process for both freelancers and users who need the service.

There, you can find more than 10,000 professional resumes, and browse through thousands of options until you find the one that best suits your needs. Also, it offers detailed information to users or clients of agencies in nearby locations where they can approach to request a UX design service of the best quality.

Likewise, this platform has become so relevant that even companies and universities such as Harvard, Sony, Yahoo, Intel or the BBC have applied. However, you as a small or medium-sized company also have a high chance of finding good ux design jobs on this excellent platform.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is by creating as detailed a resume or profile as possible. In order to attract the attention of the requesting companies, and if possible, attach a file that demonstrates your skills in the requested subject.

2. Dribble

Positioned at number two, Dribbble is a platform that offers job opportunities for millions of freelancers. In addition, as a company requesting a service, you can order specific jobs and filter only the best options that adapt exactly to what you need.

The great thing about Dribbble is its detailed search engine. Instead of looking for a general job, you can apply for or offer a specific job. For example: Illustration, web design, mobile design, graphic design, brand design, animation, etc.

Another advantage that you can take advantage of as a freelancer to find good ux desing jobs on Dribbble is by getting the paid version of the platform. With just $5 per month, search engines will better position your profile, increasing the chances of being hired.

In the same way, you can increase your monthly payment to $15 to obtain the “Pro Business” version, which will give you a better position, location among the other profiles and a much higher chance of being hired.

3. LinkedIn

This is one of the best and well-known platforms for freelancers around the world. If you are in the US, it is an ideal platform to be in contact with your potential or future clients directly through open messages. In addition, you can organize your profile in the most appropriate way to let recruiters know that you are available for a possible hiring.

Another advantage that you can take advantage of to find good ux desing jobs is the possibility of entering data on personal or business websites that are under your personal signature. In this way, you redirect potential employers directly to your page or blog where your services are better specified.

Currently, the Pro version of LinkedIn costs between $29 and $99 per month. But for those who have never used it, and want to evaluate the experience before paying, LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial for any user.

4.Glass door

The best thing about the Glassdoor platform is that you can find current or former profiles of companies or freelancers. In this job platform, you will be able to find good ux desing jobs quickly because you will have the option to specify many things in your profile, which will facilitate the hiring process for both you and the companies.

Also, you have the option to enter examples of frequently asked questions in order to provide as much information as possible to future employers. In this way, when they decide to contact you they will already be more sure of the service you will provide them and the hiring process will be faster.

On the other hand, as a person or company interested in finding the best service, you can directly access the UX design section of Glassdor. From there, your current location will give you relevant posts from professionals in the field near you. In addition, you will be able to calculate the average salary, the requirements and the professional trajectory of the filtered profiles.


In the US, Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancers. In addition to finding good ux desing jobs, you can apply for various jobs and services thanks to the “Gigs”. You can have active from one, up to 5 Gigs active at the same time. However, the Fiverr platform works by positioning the profiles according to their level as a seller. The higher your rank, the more Gigs you can have active and the better positioning your profile will have.

In addition, just as you can have a profile with the highest level, to reach this you must follow and meet the conditions to achieve it. Although it is a late process, the rewards will be better as you increase your level as a seller.

In the same way, in addition to having a great profile as a seller, you can apply for the “Pro” badge that will make your profile among the first options almost 100% of the time.

However, to earn this badge, the Fiverr platform will first have you pass a test that demonstrates your knowledge. In addition, you will have to present proof of work successfully carried out in the past, so that the Fiverr platform can corroborate that your experience is real.

From there, you can also further enhance your profile by earning badges by passing courses taught within the Fiverr platform itself. Since the more complete your profile is, the better positioned you will be and the more confidence you will give your future employers.

6. Angelist

In this new Angelist platform, you will find endless quick offers and users ready to work, offer their services or hire. If you are suitable for a fast movement of transactions, operations or jobs, this platform will be the ideal one for you.

Also, it is a very quick start and boost for new and small businesses looking to expand their business, hiring or applying. However, to find good ux desing jobs you will have to dig a little deeper, because it is not a highly requested service.

However, you have the advantage that as an applicant or applicant for a job, you will see the salaries, hours and all the benefits that you will obtain if you become a worker in a company.

So it’s a great quick start for you to learn about remote jobs and then become a freelancer who owns your own time, earnings and jobs. As a new, small or medium business, Angelist is the best way to start hiring services that suit your financial needs.

7. Authentic Jobs

If you consider yourself a designer, developer or a professional in everything related to creativity, content creation and optimization, Authentic Jobs will be the ideal platform for you. In addition, if you are a person who likes to have your own time, here you will find various jobs that indicate large time differences. Thus, you can choose between a full-time or part-time job.

For freelancers, it’s a great way to get started in the tech world, especially for those with no prior experience. However, you must be patient, it is not recommended for those who expect to receive jobs daily or quickly. On this platform, it is ideal that you check weekly for new offers because applications are not renewed daily, and jobs or hiring are sometimes late.

8. IxDA

Whether you are a professional, or a novice freelancer specialized in interaction design, on the IxDA platform you can find diverse groups with people from all over the world. However, this platform only groups and lists different job opportunities and if you want to apply for any of them, it will take you to an external site where you can carry out the entire application process.

For many professionals and novices, IxDA is a very attractive platform especially because it works with companies like Sotheby’s, Nikola Motor Company and Honeywell.

Also, you won’t waste time thinking about whether a job application is recent or old, because the platform orders them according to time and age. However, you may find that some older requests are at the top due to their relevance to platform users.

9. Coroflot

In this year 2022, the Coroflot platform innovates with new design positions for companies that want to hire, or for users who want to apply for future jobs. This market is ideal for those looking for a remote job in different areas of design such as: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, etc.

In the same way, it offers a guide where you can see the possible salaries that you can choose. Depending on what you want to get out of that job or application, you can weigh your options and find the job that best suits your needs..


With any of the companies mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to find good UX desing jobs in the United States. Depending on your skills, demands and expectations, each platform will be better suited to what you need. But without a doubt, if you have the ability to expand your knowledge, you will find your expected job on any platform.