When it comes to paint and sip parties, the fun starts with choosing the right paint colors for your specific drink of choice. Whether you’re sipping wine, beer, juice or tea, there’s a paint color that will complement the hue of your beverage.

We recommend following one simple rule: let the color of your drink dictate which hue you select. Drinking red wine? Paint with warm yellows and oranges to provide a nice contrast. Sipping on beer instead? Choose a cool blue hue that will contrast with the cooler temperature of your beer. If you’re sipping tea, the color palette is taken care of, since most teas are warm in tone.

For a custom touch, consider adding accents to the paint colors you select. Whether they’re floral-design accents for wine and beer or geometric shapes for tea (or all four!) they’ll bring your design to life.

Keep reading to learn more about each drink and the best paint colors to use with it!


Painting with Wine

Wine: Warm Pinks, Orange and Yellow

When you’re sipping wine, consider painting with warm pinks, oranges and yellows. This color scheme contrasts nicely with a glass of wine for a custom touch. If you’re looking for something unique, pair warm pinks or oranges with denim or tan accents. Paint your party tableware or clothing in these shades for a vintage look that will complement your glass of vino perfectly.

We recommend selecting warm (often golden or yellow-orange) hues for wine paint colors. Warm colors in the color wheel can complement wine’s light brown and orange characteristics, making them a great combination. Check out these great paint colors for wine drinkers:

Sunny Days, Blue Skies by Ralph Lauren – This timeless blue-green hue of green is one of the most colorful hues in the green family. It’s also a bold color that contrasts well with the lighter tones in wine.

For Your Eyes Only by Benjamin Moore – This warm yellow-orange hue will complement many types of wines. It’s also a great choice if you’re painting with multiple colors, as it passes well over any other hue.

Try using yellow ochre paint for your wine painting, especially if you are painting on a concrete floor that has its own unique brown tones. Painting with olive green will also create a warm look, especially when you alternate it with something more neutral like gray or white.


Painting with Beer

Cold (often blue-green) hues are perfect for painting with beer, since it’s usually served at a colder temperature. Green and blue paint colors will complement the hue of beer, making them a great choice. Check out these great paint colors for beer drinkers:

Surf Rider by Benjamin Moore – This cool blue has a gray undertone that’s perfect for painting with your favorite beer. It’s a great choice if you’re working with multiple colors, as it passes well over any other hue.

Ghost Chili by Benjamin Moore – This cool coral hue is similar to the color of beer’s foam. It complements the amber tones that are often also present in beer. It’s also a great choice if you’re working with multiple colors, as it passes well over any other hue.


Painting with Juice (or Tea)

For painting with juice or tea, our favorite color choices are silver gray, white and sage green. Silver gray is a great neutral color that allows you to highlight all kinds of hues without overshadowing them. For the subtle tones of the more nuanced colors, white is a great choice.

Green paint colors can help you achieve the look of fresh juice or freshly brewed tea. While there’s a large range of hues in the green family, we recommend the following green paint colors for painting with juice or tea:

Green Grass by Benjamin Moore – This warm grassy green hue is a great choice for painting with fresh juice. It’s also a good choice if you want to add some color to your space, as it’s also pleasant to look at.

Sage green offers a nice contrast to all the other hues in your room, and it’s also a warmer color that won’t overwhelm your space. If you’re looking to add multiple colors to your space without using bright, bold hues, sage green is a great choice for you.

Chartreuse by Benjamin Moore – This bright yellow-green hue contrasts well with many different colors. It’s also a great choice if you’re working with multiple colors, as it passes well over any other hue..


Get to painting!

Now that you have an idea of which paint colors to use for your next party, it’s time to get your supplies and get painting! Whether you’re painting a “cheers” mural or decorating a room with a unique design, this project will be the highlight of your life.

Paint and sip parties were created to help people of all different skill levels learn new skills while having fun! If you’re interested in hosting a paint and sip party as a gift to your friends or family, consider booking with your local party store. And if you decide to host one for yourself, make sure to try out some of these drink recipes while you paint!

Also, don’t forget to share these paint color ideas with friends who love drinking wine, beer or juice.