NFL Footballers are some of the most admired athletes based on their agility on the field and physical appearance. However, such features do not come by sheer luck as they have to hit the gym hard and develop routines that will keep them in shape.

Even though the advances in conditioning and strength equipment have improved footballers agility, speed, and strength, basic body movements make the athletes ready for action. We shall focus on some of these routines that train the whole body, some of which can be done in the gym while others at home.

Box Blast

This routine seeks to improve explosive power in legs and hips, which comes in handy when creating separation from various opponents in the field.

  1. You need a low (about 6-12″) box, where you will stand on one foot, bend your arms at 90 degrees and cock them back.
  2. Next, you can jump in a vertical position by exploding through the front leg, extending the knee, ankle, and hip.
  3. You should then land on the starting position with both feet and with more weight on the box.
  4. Then, without pausing, take off one leg and repeat the jump at least ten times.
  5. You can now switch your legs and repeat the process.


It is an old exercise routine that works perfectly for NFL footballers. These are the routines to try when you want to build upper body strength, as they work on pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders.

  1. Get down on all fours and place your hands just slightly wider than your shoulders to get started. You can then straighten your legs and arms.
  2. Pause, and then push yourself back up and repeat the process at least ten times.
  3. You can have 3-4 sets of at least ten push-ups every day.

Lateral Bound

It is the perfect routine that builds explosive lateral power in the legs and is important for footballers irrespective of their play position.

  1. To get started, stand in an athletic stance with both feet on the ground, but the right leg should hold the most weight.
  2. You can then squat using the right leg slightly and then use it in combination with your glutes to jump to your left.
  3. Next, extend the right leg as you leap and land on the left leg. Wait till you regain your balance and repeat the process on the other side.
  4. You can do 10 per side for the best results.

Triceps Chair Dips

These routines build shoulder and arms strength. Building on the triceps is crucial as they assist in throwing and blocking while on the football pitch. Maintaining muscle strength also comes in handy in preventing muscle imbalances and injuries.

  • To get started, sit on a chair’s edge and grip the edge next to your hips.
  • Point your fingers to your feet, extend your legs, heels touching the ground and look straight ahead with your chin up.
  • You can then press into your arms enough to lift your body and then slide forward.
  • Lower yourself to the point that your elbows bend between 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Push yourself slowly back into the starting position and repeat the process.
  • You can start with three sets and ten repetitions and increase as your body gets used to the routine.

3-Hurdle Drill

The routines aim at improving the body’s ability to perform cutting movements and quickness. It also comes in handy in improving footballer’s coordination.

  1. Get yourself three low (about 6″) hurdles.
  2. Lay objects such as bricks, books or cups 2 to 3 apart.
  3. Quick-step side to side over your obstacles but do not cross feet.
  4. Reserve your direction rapidly.
  5. Ensure that only the outside foot goes beyond the last obstacle.
  6. Do for it 30 seconds for each set.

Single-Leg Squat

This routine develops leg power, which comes in handy in improving speed on the field. The beauty of this routine is that you do not need any tools.

  1. Stand on your leg foot. Lift your right foot, hold it straight in front of your torso. Your hands can either be in front or on your sides for balance.
  2. Engage your core and keep your torso up.
  3. Start pushing your hips backward slowly as you assume a squat position.
  4. Squeeze your glutes and push the left foot and stand back up.
  5. Try as much as possible to keep your right foot leg up between the sets.
  6. You can perform 5 to 10 reps on the left side before switching to the right.
  7. 3 sets will be a good start, and you can increase with time.

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