What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise, similar to yoga. However, Pilates main focus is to strengthen the core of your body which results in the physical well being of your body as well your mind’s emotional well being. Pilates is a very safe form of exercise unlike weight lifting or other types of exercises. The chances of getting injured when doing Pilates is extremely low to nothing. Moreover, the reason why many people are preferring to do Pilates rather than other types of exercise is that it helps you relax. It encourages a connection to be made between  the mind and the body. Your mind is made to be aware of every movement of your body.

He exercise Pilates was made by Joseph Pilates who used it as a way to help heal injured soldiers and dancers and emphasized the connection of physical and mental health. He moved from the UK to USA and opened up his Pilates studio. Pilates was originally called Contrology.


The Best Pilates Resources

For people who want to try Pilates or sell some Pilates equipment they do not want to use or are looking for an instructor to help them perfect Pilates or they just want to have their Pilates business have a good reputation, for such people online Pilates resources are available, fortunately. These Pilates resources help make life easy for people interested in Pilates or interested in selling their Pilates related equipment and what not. Let us look at a few of the best Pilates resources available online:

  • Pilates Pal

One of the best online websites for Pilates resources, this website is a must for people who want Pilates lessons, instructors, want to help hold the repertoire of their Pilates business or buy and sell Pilates equipment. It is literally a multi purpose Pilates resource website. On Pilates Pal you can even find career opportunities related to Pilates. Every type of Pilates related career opportunity will be given. Moreover, this website has a Pilates Pal Library which you can check out for an abundance of Pilates information. Their monthly subscription is as cheap as it can get, almost 17$ per month. You can check out this Pilates site by just clicking on the link.

  • Pilates Anytime

With a 15 day trial, the whole program costs 1$ per month. You get a range of different programs such as for beginners, intermediate, advanced, different types of Pilates equipment, rehabilitation and what not. This online Pilates resource is great for a Pilates practiser at any level.

  • Balanced Body

This Pilates resource is known to be one of the best and leading Pilates equipment producer and certification program. This is due to the fact that this Pilates resource is extremely innovative. Although there are less customisable options, they do offer Pilates for Advanced and Rehabilitation. Moreover, they have a huge collection of Pilates podcasts which are completely complimentary.

Check out these Pilates resources online and make your life extremely easy.