People who have or want to have sex for the first time want it to be perfect. Even though they wouldn’t have had sex before, they would still want it to be perfect. However, when you do not know how to please your partner in the right way and you do not know what an orgasm is, let alone feel it or make your partner feel it, that means you aren’t having sex the right way. In such circumstances, you may need sex therapy. There is no need to be embarrassed when thinking of taking sex therapy. It is very natural and is designed not only for couples but for people who are single as well. Sex is a crucial part of life, a way to indicate your love for your partner. So, make sure you know the right way to have sex because you will not only be pleasing your partner, but you will also be pleasing yourself.

Here are a few signs which indicate that you need sex therapy:

  1. You Want to Learn How to Orgasm

Do not be embarrassed for not knowing how to orgasm or help your partner orgasm. It takes time for even those people who have been having sex for quite some time. Which is why people need sex therapy to perfect how to feel and get an orgasm. Especially for women because most of the time they are not aware of how to initiate an orgasm. With sex therapy, you talk about sex with your sex therapist and then they give you some exercises to perform at home.

  1. Performance Anxiety

The main reason why men struggle with sex is because they think it is easy. However when they are about to do the deed, they may become self conscious and may have some difficulty getting hard, orgasming too quickly or not at all. This makes men AND women anxious so as not to give a wrong impression of themselves to their partner. A sex therapist will help you realise that sex is more than just about performance. They will help you relax, and be present in the moment you have sex.

  1. You Are Questioning Your Sexual Identity

Are you confused whether you are gay or not? Are you torn between whether you like women or men? Not to worry because a sex therapist will help you recognise your sexual identity and help you learn sex in the way to please partner, whether man or woman.

  1. You May Be Confused As To What You Want

Whether straight or gay, you may not know what you like when having sex. You may feel shy trying to experiment with a partner because, as already said, many first timers expect themselves to be the best on the first try. With sex therapy, you are given a bunch of exercises to try and experiment with. They help you embrace your sexual desires and not be ashamed of it.

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