Best Selling Cuckoo Clocks from Cuckoo Forest

Cuckoo Forest sells exquisitely carved cuckoo clocks that come from Germany’s famous Black Forest. Each clock carries the certification from the Black Forest Clock Association so customers can be assured of high-quality and originality.

The aim at Cuckoo Forest is to carry the tradition of the cuckoo clocks even in this digital age. We understand the passion of our customers and ensure to deliver the products that exceed their expectations. We not only offer the best and original quality but the lowest prices as well. Shipping is also free and comes with insurance for damages if any caused during the process.

Cuckoo Forest is proud to be the choice of many who appreciate the beauty and mechanism of the original German cuckoo clocks. With our highly friendly and convenient customer service, the number of our customers keeps increasing.

While our customers can browse a wide variety of cuckoo clocks at our online store, the following are some of our best-selling products:


8-Day Musical Chalet Clock Farmstead Cow, 13.4inch – $840.00 on Sale

This beautiful chalet cuckoo clock features dancers, a turning mill wheel along with the music and cow. The decoration on the clock is quite elaborate. Intricate trees, a trough, benches, and more can be enjoyed in the carving. The carving comes from the skillful professionals at August Schwer whole the music box is by Reuge Schweiz and clockwork has been completed by SBS Feintechnik Regula. The clock comes with a manual night-shutoff and premium wooden weights can be added on request.


8-Day Musical Carved Clock Birds in Leaves, 22.5 inches – $1,690.00 on Sale

Painted and carved Black Forest birds make this clock a wonderful sight. The clock’s entire design is a proof of hard work and immense attention to detail. The music played by the clock is Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer by Reuge Schweiz. Along to the music, the dancers spin under a shingled roof; creating a mesmerizing effect. Once again, the carving is by August Schwer professionals. The cuckoo calls every half and full hour and manual night-shutoff is available.


8-Day Musical Carved Clock Eagles, Bears – $1,269.00 on Sale

This particular model is exclusively available at It is a real collector’s item as it can’t be found anywhere else. The clock features a beautiful decoration of the Black Forest foliage along with an eagle and two bears. The cuckoo call is from an exquisitely and exclusively hand-painted wooden cuckoo. August Schwer’s unparalleled carving is accompanied by the highly skillful clockwork by SBS Feintechnik. Additional features include a mechanical Regula and manual night-shutoff.

When buying the best cuckoo clock, you must keep a few important factors in mind. For example, the type of wood in manufacturing. Cuckoo Forest mostly sells Linden wood clock. This wood is local to the Black Forest region.

All Cuckoo Forest products are shipped along with the Black Forest certificate and an installation manual. We advise keeping the shipping box safe in case you want to store the clock or ship it back.

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