At Cuckoo Forest, we don’t just sell any cuckoo clocks. In fact, all clocks come from Germany’s Black Forest. Known for its mystery and fairytales, the Black Forest is also quite popular for the fame of coo coo clocks.

One of the first known cuckoo clocks dates to 1619 but some believe that the tradition of owning these clocks may be even older. Here at Cuckoo Forest, we are dedicated to keeping this tradition alive even in this digital age.

We support people’s love for this antique tradition. And we don’t just sell a design but clocks that retain the complex mechanism put forward by famed makers like Franz Anton Ketterer, Michael Dilger, and Matthaus Hummel.

Cuckoo Forest prides itself on bringing the best to its customers. We have several defined strategies and values that help us be the best source for buying Black Forest cuckoo clocks.


Customer Service

Like any well-established and reputed business organization, our propriety is the customer. We ensure that our customers are always confident in their purchases. We offer unique benefits so we can become the most preferred choice for those appreciate the tradition of German cuckoo clocks.


We offer:


·       Lowest Price

What could be better than finding high-quality cuckoo clocks and at the lowest possible price too? Cuckoo Forest guarantees the lowest prices. Additionally, we don’t charge anything for shipping. It is completely free. Customers can also enjoy a hassle-free return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it without being liable to answer any questions.

·       Clock Insurance

Cuckoo Forest takes full responsibility for shipping the clock to a customer’s location in its original condition. In case the clock incurs damages during the shipping process, customers can benefit from our insurance feature. All products are fully insured for damages caused by shipping.


High-quality Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

If you have a passion for collecting cuckoo clocks, then you are aware of how cherished and exquisite Black Forest clocks are. All the products at Cuckoo Forest carry the certification from the Black Forest Clock Association. Also known as the Verein die Schwarzwaldhur or VdS, the association was created to preserve the integrity of this niche industry and prevent the flooding of the market with copies. When a customer receives a product, the certification is shipped along as well. It is advised to keep it safe.

Variety of Clocks has a wide collection of Black Forest clocks. Browse the variety to find one that fits your requirements the best. All clocks have their unique aesthetic; appealing to different tastes of the customers. With such a wide and beautiful variety, there is the perfect clock available for almost everyone. Whether you are looking for carved, chalet, shield or modern clocks, we have it.

Visit the Cuckoo Forest online today to browse for the best German cuckoo clocks. Enjoy reading about the history of the tradition and the best prices for your favorite clocks.