Life of a medical student is difficult, you need to search for a residence near your medical college to keep up with your studies along the way. Not only books will help you with your academics, but you can also get medical researches or study materials online.

One thing that medical students are lacking is time, and searching for study materials and hunting for something specific takes up lots of time. So we have hunted a few of the best study material sites for you to provide you with most of the useful works that may be productive for you.

These are the best active websites of study materials for Medical Students:

  1. Online Med Ed

This site is best among other medical websites, as this website is founded by Dr. Dustyn Williams and is being frequently updated and edited by other Doctors and other medical professionals.

This site focuses mainly in clinical content and having a large library of free videos covering various specialties in medical history like Trauma, Infectious Disease, Nephrology etc.

This site will help you a lot due to full coverage of most of the medical cases and other depth study materials and researches, this will help you in gathering knowledge in the four-year course in your medical college.

Visit: Online Med Ed

  1. Picmonics

This Website is basically for ‘Pictoral Mnemonics’ and was also founded by medical professionals and medical students. This website is having a huge collection of clinical information along with pictures which will help you to recognize the medical cases better.

The main objective of this website is to make medical education easily available to any medical students who need to gather knowledge about what they are learning in the medical college.

  1. MedNet

This MedNet website is the collection of various websites on the various field of medical education. This website is having most of the important websites including Lab and Formula manuals, Vaccination Table etc.

This the easiest bookmarked website of the most of important medical study materials and this is the best way to grow knowledge about the studies for the medical college.

Visit: MedNet

  1. Earth’s Lab

This website provides study material for various subjects in the form of articles. What’s cool about this website is that it offers everything in the simplest language, even a newbie won’t have any issue understanding his subjects from this website.

If you are looking for learning material which are simple and well guided, this website is all what you will ever need.

Visit: Earth’s Lab

  1. Hardin MD

This website basically uses the server of the University of Iowa and gives you access to various medical information and other medical cases and conditions. There is also a medical gallery where various pictures of medical cases are there to help you with your understanding of the subject.

  1. Healio

This website is another one to have useful medical researches and articles on the various fields and cases in medical history. This website is basically the journal of the important study materials and experiences of various medical professionals and medical staffs.

Visit: Healio

  1. Merch Manuals

This website is basically the manuals of various medical information and medical conditions as the website name states. This website is having various brief information about various fields of medical stuff like symptoms, diagnosis and the various type of treatments.

As most of the medical textbooks are costly, and this website will be helpful to those who had difficulty in finding these costly books. They can take deeper dive into the study materials including various experiences which is far better than reading a book.

  1. Medical Student

This website is a great collection of online textbooks and articles on various medical information and medical conditions. Books and articles are organized in alphabetical order to easier access and most of the books are recommended and based on the experience of the doctors and medical staffs.

Visit: Medical Student

  1. Free Book Centre

This website best for getting costly books material for free as most of the articles cover most of the medical information and various specialties like gynecology, physiology etc.


These Online study materials will help you a lot in advancements of your studies. These sites are checked and handpicked for giving you the best study material. We have provided the links of each of the sites listed above to save your time on searching for this website.