The audience, the sellers and the buyers, all have made their ways in the ‘new normal’ by coming up with new and smart marketing strategies.

A marketer has to be extra cautious as in today’s situation a buyer will not reach out to you, you need to reach out to them with the best deals in the most cost-efficient manner. 

The level of competition today requires an early action to make a permanent place in the minds of the prospective buyers. Social media channels are one cost efficient  way to do it, but they lack the touch of personalisation.

Email marketing is one channel that is a combination of all pros of different channels, has the ability to provide ROI upto 3200% but ONLY IF USED RIGHT.

Before applying your email marketing strategies you must judge the overall quality of the email marketing campaigns  by using these different email testing tools. The tools & their importance are stated below

Checking Sender Reputation

An email sender reputation is a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization that sends email. It’s a crucial component of your email deliverability. The higher the score, the more likely an ISP will deliver emails to the inboxes of recipients on their network

1. Tool Suggested – Sender Score

Sender Score is a free tool by ReturnPath. It grades the reputation of your IP addresses (domains) on a scale (0 to 100). Consider it as an insight into the consideration you need to take such as

  • Spam complaints 
  • Blacklists 
  • Sending emails to new, unknown, users.

A full breakdown of the score is issued to allow for work on increasing your sender score health and ensuring your mailers are sent in the healthiest way.


Email Deliverability

Thinking why you need an Email deliverability tool? The answer is short and simple – to ensure that your hardware pays back the expected results.

Such tools benefit a marketer to manage their email program in such a way that inbox placement and open rates are optimized. Designing a thoughtful and attractive email only goes so far. Marketers must ensure their emails are actually viewable to an interested audience

2. Tool suggested: Send Forensics


Send Forensics claims to be an advanced email deliverability and engagement toolset. You need to send your emails to them and using a 2-step process (pre-send and post-send) the tool will check such features as blacklists, content analysis, ISP reputation, DMARC Compliance and much more!

It provides real-time scoring for live campaigns, and compares your deliverability performance with industry benchmarks. You can also set deliverability alerts to monitor your email performance and safeguard your reputation.


Verification and Validation of the recipient 

Needless to say, the importance of email address verification and validation is vast.

Real customers start with real emails – and the use of email validation is still the most effective way to ensure the collection of quality data. When you verify email addresses your email marketing is more effective, fraud prevention is improved and the ability to protect your sender reputation increases.

3. Tool Suggested – Clearout



Clearout email verifier claims to provide email verification and validation services with 98%+ accuracy, which is claimed to be the highest in the email marketing industry.

You can verify the emails in either format-

  • Quick validation – Just enter the email address (Max 10 at once) and click on validate to get instant results.
  • Bulk Validation – Upload your sheet containing the data and click on verify. An accelerated turnaround time provides the result within reasonable time.
  • API Integration: To automate every new user who signs up.

100 free credits, 20+ validation checks and integration with top platforms like Zapier, WordPress, and ESP’s like MailChimp, Moosend, ActiveCampaign makes it more desirable


HTML validation and Email Preview

Just imagine that you have created a perfect email with proper subject line, attractive content, verified recipients but when a user opens your email, they see a broken layout. This will widely irritate and disappoint the user/recipient.

Such situations happen because email clients, unlike web developers, don’t have universal HTML standards.

4. Tool Suggested: Litmus


Litmus can help you preview your emails in a wide variety of platforms, and you can change code right in the platform. It will create screenshots of your emails across 90 apps and devices to help you test different designs and layouts.

5. Tool Suggested: Mailtrap

It operates a 3-stage process for its email testing process, isolating email testing from production. Test email notifications online, as forwards and to your regular inboxes without sending to your mailer lists. The nice thing about MailTrap is that all of its testing is performed on a fake server, meaning there’s never any chance that you’ll accidentally send out your test emails to your subscribers.


Evaluation of Email Template 

No matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they’re devoid of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening — and start deleting — your messages. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of very good tools to test email copy efficiency and predict conversion success.

6. Tool Suggested: Boomerang for Gmail


Boomerang is a plug-in for Gmail. Although its core features are email scheduling and follow-up tracking, it has a feature – Respond able – that can really help you. Respondable uses artificial intelligence to help make your copy more actionable and impactful, and get more responses. The tool’s scores are based on data from millions of messages.


7. Tool Suggested: Hemingway App 


This tool helps improve the readability of your emails. It’s really useful when editing the body of your emails. It will grade your copy and suggest improvements. Best of all, Hemingway is completely free.


Subject line testing

Once you have a solid foundation for email deliverability, you’ll want to turn your attention to your email’s subject line. Subject lines are a major part of the open rate of your emails.

But you don’t have to wait until your email goes out to see if your subject line is working or not. Subject line testing tools can help you evaluate and tweak your subject lines before a single subscriber sees your email.

8. Tools Suggested: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Although CoSchedule’s free tool was intended to analyse blog post headlines, it can work with subject lines. It tests copy effectiveness, word balance, keywords and sentiment. Although we love their visuals, it gave our subject line 55 out of 100.

9. Tools Suggested: Email Subject Line Grader 


Email Subject Line Grader by Net Atlantic is another really good (and free!) subject line testing tool. It assesses the effectiveness of your copy, the word count, the word mixture, and the type of subject line.

This tool also takes a look at the elements of your email subject line, so if you need a little more or less emotion, you can make appropriate changes.  


Spam score test

Email spam tests give you a good indication of how a typical spam filter will review your email’s content, as content is one of many factors an anti-spam algorithm will check. However, spam tests can’t give you an insight into your sender reputation, which is based on past and present list engagement.                                                             

10. Tool Suggested:    Postmark 

Postmark is a free tool that assesses the content of your emails and gives it a score. They even have a lightweight JSON API which you can integrate to your own platform for SPAM score checking.       


Email Data Analysis 

11. Tool Suggested: 

Data analysis is essential to explore data in meaningful ways. When it comes to organisations involved in email marketing, the use of multiple data storing tools is apparent. Bringing the data together in a simple and pragmatic way that helps decide future strategies and Coupler is one Google Sheet Add-on that does it with utmost ease, accuracy and without the hassle of coding.

It automates Google Sheets integration with the following apps: Airtable, Pipedrive, Clockify, HubSpot, Xero, Quickbooks, BigQuery, Jira, WordPress, Shopify, Google Sheets (to replace IMPORTRANGE), CSV, JSON, and more.

By using Coupler you can get a live feed of raw data in a simple format, share it, analyse it and segment it for creating targeted email marketing campaigns.


Creating and Nurturing Finest Leads 

12. Tool Suggested:  Sixads

Sixads is a shopify app that runs high performing online ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Business enterprises often underestimate the power of online advertising. Ads that run on social media platforms are quite effective in email list building as they allow you to set up a form that potential customers can fill out without even leaving the social media platform. 


13. Tool Suggested: Acquire

Collecting data by running ads online is not enough as the results will be seen when such leads  are nurtured to the extent that they feel personally connected to your product/service. A quick and efficient chatbot helps optimising the nurturing as it eliminates time-consuming steps like using search tool-bar, scrolling between the pages etc. Acquire is one such all-in-one customer engagement tool that provides amazing digital customer experience.


Email Marketing Automation To Avoid Chaos in Data Transfers

Sending out an email marketing campaign requires multiple tools, like data storing tools, verification tools, tools to send out the emails, analysis, reporting etc. As multiple tools are involved, multiple data transfer is unavoidable. An automation tool that can connect multiple tools can avoid the mess in data transfers and can save a lot of resources which can be diverted to other productive tasks.

  1. Tool Suggested: Automate

Automate is one such automation platform built for agile business processes.  It is built with one clear objective that is to bring the power of workflow automation to non-technical users and  unleash productivity and growth across multiple teams of an enterprise.

It can connect you to 200+ applications from different arenas – marketing, project management, CRMs, E-commerce platforms etc.


Wrap Up

There are multiple other tools present in the email marketing world, but the top- rated tools have been presented to you. Use of the best tools will definitely provide the best results.



Author Bio: Bharti Jain is a senior content writer at Clearout & ClearoutPhone. Earlier involved in the finance field, now she has completely switched towards content writing and content marketing. Together with writing articles, she is interested in creating vlogs and demo videos and designing social media content.

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