Your immune system deserves great credit for defending you against different types of microorganisms that we don’t want. Though, there are times where a germ vivaciously attacks your immune system, resulting in you becoming sick.

The good news is that there are ways to boost your immune system in order to better protect you for future germ invasions.

There are a number of ways to strengthen your immune system which we will explain in this post. You can start off by selecting your favourite ways and gradually progress to adopting more strategies.


Reduce stress

Research has time and time again shown us that when you are stressed, the immune system effectiveness is drastically suppressed. This is as a result of a stress hormone called: corticosteroid.

If you get your stress under control, it will allow for your immune system to become strengthened.


Undertaking regular exercise which is done consistently over time can really enhance your immune system functioning. Your body circulation will improve, which will allow for substances and cells of your immune system to flow fluidly throughout your body. This allows for the immune system to conduct its job effectively.

When considering the recommended amount of minimum exercise per week, it is advised by the NHS that 75 minutes of strenuous exercise or 150 minutes per week is sufficient.

Improve your diet

Feeding your body with the right diet can really help boost your immune system. There is an array of options available. Simply, to start with, just ensuring that your diet is high in fruits and vegetables can help kick-start your momentum to improve your diet. In terms of more ways to improve your diet, it has been proven that Amino acid arginine is important for the smooth continuation of the macrophage cell function. This can be found in foods which are high in protein like: fish and eggs.

Furthermore, vitamin D is extremely important in order to maintain your immune system functioning. Results from scientific studies have outlined that individuals who had high levels of vitamin D deficiency experience increased rates of infection, in comparison to other individuals who had suitable amounts of vitamin D.

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Reduce your chances of getting ill

As we begin to enter the midst of the flu season, there are a number of precautions that you can take to support the health of your immune system. It is imperative to consistently maintain excellent levels of hygiene. Whether that be regularly sanitising your hands with hand gel or covering your cough or sneeze. Also, you can consider the option of avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick. This will help you reduce the chances of contracting the illness. Another important point is to refrain from touching your face. You could potentially have germs on your hands which you could pass onto your face, resulting in more exposure of potential germs to your body.