You like to take photos right, and you want to share them with friends and family. Back in the old days, you had to make some prints and passing them around for people to see or gather everyone together and putting on a slideshow. But, that’s in the past, sharing photos online has made it easier than ever before. There are numerous services that offer you the ability to upload and display your photos online for the world to see.

Fortunately for many, there are quite a good number of online photo sharing services that offer the basic set of tools for free like megashare. With these services, you can upload and display your photos and galleries. Some of these sites also offer basic printing services. If you don’t take a lot of photos, one of these free sharing sites will be enough for you.

Moreover, many of these free services put a limit on the amount of storage space you have available. So if you need to share a lot of different photos, you will have to upgrade to a paid option. Fortunately, a great majority of these sites aren’t expensive, and they usually offer unlimited storage making them a good way to back up your photos. If you’re the paid more and get all sorts of premium features, but this is a lot for most users. One very nice feature of a premium photo sharing plan is the ability to password protect your galleries. Galleries hosted on allow you to password protect and customize the galleries with your branding, which is ideal when sharing images with clients you’ve done photoshoots for. If you upload and share photos that are intended for friends or family only, using this feature will enable you to hide these photos from public view.

However, if you just want to quickly upload a few shots from a live event or your latest vacation for everyone to see, a free service will definitely offer what you need. To upload your photos to most online sharing services, you will use either a browser or standalone desktop app provided by the photo-sharing service. In general, these standalone applications are much easier to use than their browser-based counterparts. The best tools allow you to upload, share, organize, and manage your photos without ever opening a web browser. This makes it really easy to quickly upload photos online.

Another set of features to look for is the display options available. Many online photo sharing sites offer attractive slideshow options, which are quite nice for showing off a gallery of photos. Most services will also offer different varieties of available photo sizes. This is nice because you can share large or small photos, depending on your preferences.

Really, the world of online photo sharing is fairly straightforward. If you need some basic features, choose one of the basic free services. If you need unlimited storage and more features check, the paid option is the way to go.

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