Best YouTube downloaders for MAC

YouTube has become an obsession now a day and we all need something that can help us to see the videos even in the bad network. If we talk about the YouTube video downloader then selecting one for MAC is not that easy and thus we have made a list of some of them in order to help. Following are the names and features:



Out of a few YouTube downloaders for MAC, Airy tops our list and we have enough reasons for it. Along with its extraordinary features, it is very easy to use. The developers that have made this software are named as Eltima. If we talk about the features of this device in detail, then one could not find fanciful things, but will definitely get the basic features that are required to download the videos from YouTube or Playtube. You can download the videos as well as can convert them in MP3.

This is not it, as there is a list of a few more amazing features. This software allows you to download the subtitle along with the video and you can also download various files at the same time, which is an added benefit. It is also said about this software that it manages the playlist very well. So, in a nutshell, the various purposes that could be served by using this software are the HD video downloading, conversion of videos into MP3, playlist management and the downloading of age restricted videos. This software thus is a complete package.  


iTube studio

Another application that is suitable for MAC in the case of YouTube downloading is an iTube studio. The best part about this software is that it is not just confined to YouTube video downloading and is used to download videos from 10000 websites. However, in the case of YouTube, you get the full customization control. You can easily convert the videos in audio format and the quality of the videos that you download could go to 4k Ultra HD. With this application, you can even save the videos for cloud performance later. Apart from these services, it provides browser integration too. So, for this application, we can say that this software is not just for MAC, but supports macOS and windows too.


4k Video Downloader

If we talk about this application in detail, then it does not have the fanciful features like the previous one, but it provides you with all the things that are needed in a standard youtube downloader. One drawback with this downloader is that the downloading speed that it provides is slow in comparison to other software in this list. This is surely one negative point in this software, but if you keep this aside, then there such extraordinary things that will make you fall in love with this application. As the name suggests, this application is dedicated for downloading videos that has a quality of 4k. There is a smart mode in this tool that will allow the user to download videos in just one click. It has a subscription feature too, which allows you to download videos from your subscribed channels. One can even customize the video downloading according to their desire and the price you are paying for these amazing features is just 15 dollars, which makes this a steal buy.



The best part about this application is that it is available for free and it is probably due to this reason that it has some downfalls too. One basic feature that this downloader has the capacity to download videos of full HD quality. Along with that, it comes with a feature of integrated search. This option allows you to search for the videos you wish to download. The file format in which the videos could be downloaded is MP3 and MPEG4. In this application, there are customizations available for the videos and one can even manage the metadata of the particular file. Clipgrab is by far the aptest application for downloading videos for MAC as it gives you the required features and you do not have to pay a single penny for it. Windows and Linux users could also use this tool for downloading videos.



One basic feature for which this tool is known for is the browser integration. You could download the videos directly from the browser, instead of copying and pasting the links to the other tabs. This application has batch downloading functionalities, which remove the limit from the quality of videos that are being downloaded. The video quality up to which you could download starts from 144p and goes up to 8k which is tremendous and no other application in this list does that. If we talk about the downloading procedure, then this allows you to download videos by posting links to other tabs also. Now, you can select either way of downloading it. One can stream the downloaded videos from the integrated video player and this is something that you could not find in other applications.

If we talk about the availability of this application, then it is available in two modes. One is the free version and for the other version, you will have to pay the cost. Most of the people go with the paid one as the free version lacks some features in it.

So, after reading this article you must have got some idea about the various YouTube downloader and thus can use them for serving various purposes.