There are many financial trading options available to anyone willing to put in the time, effort, and start-up money to get started. There are stocks and bonds, hedge funds, and binary options just to name a few. These are the most popular and most utilized options. Many people that have been trading for a long time can make trades as others breath. With simplicity and not much thought. However, if you are just getting started, you will not have all of the information you need to make trades with ease and confidence. This is why it is important to learn as much as you can before making your first trade. To do this, you will need to research individual details of trading in the various types that you are interested in. If you are looking for information about binary options, this is a good place to be. While you will not find everything you need to know about every aspect of binary options, you will find a brief description of how it works as well as details specifically pertaining to auto trading.


The first thing you need to understand is how binary options work. Binary options are very similar to any trading in that you have to anticipate prices and when those prices will take effect. There are three components to every binary options trade; the strike price, the expiration date, and the underlying market. All decisions need to be made first off of the underlying market. This means that you need to do your research on the option you are interested in. Look at stock indexes, commodity demand, history and future, economic events, etc. as well as anything else of relevance. Next, make note of the time and date of expiration of the option. This will be the basis of your bid.

The goal is to determine what the price of the option will be at the exact moment of expiration. The next component to consider is the strike price. This term refers to the price at which the option is listed. Your goal is to determine if the market price will be at, below, or above the strike price at expiration. All three of these components must be researched and carefully considered before making a decision about an option. The way that this type of trade works is that a person can either be a seller or a buyer. The seller of the option is essentially saying that the market value will be at or below the listed strike price at expiration. The buyer is basically betting on the fact that the value will be above the strike price. Keep in mind that every single option will have a completely unique strike price and expiration. If the seller is correct, they will receive the payout, whereas if the buyer is correct, they will receive the payout. Whichever one is wrong, gets nothing. As a general rule, the payout is always $100.


The reason, many people choose binary options over other trading options is that is low risk. Many stocks and other options have very high stakes, some becoming higher after investing in them. This makes many people shy away due to a fear of losing more than they can afford. This is why they turn to binary options, where the most you stand to lose is $100, no more, no less.

The less risk involved, the more a person is willing to try again if the first attempt does not turn out the way that they intended. Not only is the low, capped risk a big pull for binary options, the affordability is as well. Many people are interested in getting started with trading but do not have the funds to do so. With binary options, an individual only has to be able to cover the $100 which is far more affordable than almost every other trading option.


Now, what exactly is auto trading? When you trade in binary options, you will have at least one, possibly many broker accounts. Each one has the option to enable auto trading. What this means is that an auto trading robot will make trades for you so that you do not have to constantly monitor all of your accounts. If you decide to enable binary options auto trading, you will have the opportunity to select the risk level you are comfortable with. If you choose low risk, the auto trading bot will place fewer trades than if you choose high risk. The bot will make trades on all signals that have a lower risk than the level you have chosen. Therefore, lower risk levels mean that there are few possibilities and higher risk levels provide more possibilities. All of the settings can be accessed on your dashboard. Each of your broker accounts will have its own dashboard.

So, if you have multiple accounts, you need to enable or disable auto trading on each one as well as choose risk levels if you are enabling. You will also be able to choose specific time frames for your auto robot to place trades in. The auto trading bot will only be able to place trades on options that expire within the time frame that you set. It is not necessary to dictate a time frame, but it does give you more control over your trading if you are using an auto trading robot. Depending on your preferences, you can customize the robot to almost any specifications that you desire.


Now, you just have to decide on auto trading or manual trading. Experienced traders often utilize both to some extent. The more experienced you are, the more risks you can because you have a knowledge base to fall back on. The longer you trade binary options, the more you learn about market value fluctuations, as well as timing, and risk assessment.

When you first get started with binary options, using the lowest risk setting on your auto trading robot will help you learn the ropes and help you turn a profit while doing so. Of course, the best way to learn is directly from someone with a great deal of experience, but this is not always possible. When trading robots will help you get a feel for how trading works and how to anticipate the market.