The EU crypto currency exchange – offers a way to buy Bitcoin or Ether (Ethereum) very quickly and easily. In addition to the normal payment methods, Bitengo offers a very special payment method: buying Bitcoin by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


The advantages of Bitengo are obvious:

  1. Buy Bitcoin and Ether in minutes
  2. Integrated online wallet
  3. Buying Bitcoin and Ether with a credit card, SEPA or bank card
  4. Straight to the coin base

Below we explain step by step how to register and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Bitengo. Here is an example of Bitcoin:

The registration process

To start trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies safely on Bitengo, the user must first create an account. This happens fairly quickly. After entering the email address, your contact and identification data, the account will be created.

After activation, the user only has to confirm his email and his mobile number and then register.


In order to be able to buy Bitcoin by credit card, the user has to undergo a short review. Clicking on Buy / Sell will automatically prompt the user for verification. An important security feature of reputable trading platforms. Thanks to Netverify, this can be done fairly quickly.

  • Have your ID card or driver’s license ready.
  • Show your ID document on the webcam
  • Ready!
  • The review is now complete.


Credit card deposit

Before we can start buying Bitcoin, we first have to deposit a valid credit card and credit it to the online account. Important: 3D Secure is required.

Get tested, relevant and accurate information about buy / sell price, buy / sell fee, volume, market fluctuation, price in different countries.

Faster and more convenient, easy access to information, immediate use and knowledge of the information in advance.

Advanced features such as two-factor authentication and the ability to perform calculations on the fly, with the profit and loss known at every stage of a business.

Join Bitengo and set your own price for your securities!