TikTok stays a worldwide phenomenon that slows user growth despite increasing regulatory challenges and criticism from rivals

TikTok, the brief video program known in China since Douyin, has begun experimenting with longer-lasting content of over two minutes one of existing users since it faces increasing rivalry with software developed by the online monster Tencent Holdings get endorsed.

The new key feature, which enables users to shoot longer shots, unlike the typical 15-second clips that the application is known for, has been made accessible to Android phone users in China from the latest update of this program according to a report from Chinese engineering news site 36Kr.com.

A delegate from Tik Tok affirmed the local tests on Friday, but did not go into further detail concerning the new length limit of a movie which was integrated in the most recent update. Prior to this product update, many Tik Tok users who have influenced others with their articles have had the advantage of producing and uploading video clips up to 59 seconds long. Other users who did not have this capacity are confined to the conventional 15-second limit. The tests, directed by Tik Tok, that is operated by the Beijing-based firm ByteDance, took place amid an increasing rivalry resulting from a series of new video applications published for the current year by the Hong Kong secretary of the ubiquitous, versatile info, web-based living, gaming and payment software WeChat, Tencent. Tencent released these new video applications, for example named Weishi and Yoo, within an offer to familiarize themselves with Tik Tok from the fast-paced short video demonstration, in which the”stickiness” of the software is very important to buyers. Tencent is also the patron of this short video and reside gushing application Kuaishou, famous outside of China as Kwai.

According to Chinese consulting company iiMedia Research, the number of viewers of short shots in China, that can be less than 20 minutes , is expected to reach over 353 million from the end of 2018 – more than the inhabitants of the United States. That number would be higher than the anticipated 242 million per year ago.

Tik Tok already surpassed the number of new US downloads in the Google Play and Apple App Store in December, bringing the two-year-old ByteDance application to the highest degree in the social application marketplace, according to the application analyst Apptopia. Tik Tok assisted its user base increase from 100 million viewers to 130 million after the merger with the eyebrow application Musical.ly in August, Apptopia says.

Tik Tok reaches 500 million active users worldwide every month, while online life video fever continues to increase in China. Tik Tok’s new leadership is related to ByteDance’s attempt to deliver long-lasting articles to its Xigua movie service. ByteDance has acquired the exclusive digital rights for selected films and community displays and has also begun to improve various unique films and tv programs.Since TikTok is quickly gaining popularity in this aspect, it’s important to not be left behind. Popular content manufacturers have retained their popularity thanks to the simple fact that when TikTok united with musical.ly, consumer content remained unchanged. So if you’ve got a chance and wish to catch up, then you have to reach your free buffs and preferences on freetiktok.com and make sure to purchase real TikTok likes !