Comcast is an American global telecommunications conglomerate. It was founded 55 years ago on 28 June 1963. Its headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast is sometimes described as a family business in which Brian L. Roberts is the chairman, president and CEO of Comcast.

After company AT&T, Comcast is the second largest broadcasting and cable television Company by revenue and also the second largest pay TV Company. It is also ranked the largest cable TV company and home internet service provider. It provides services in 40 states of America and District of Columbia. Comcast also produces feature films and television programs as the owner of Media Company NBC Universal intended for theatrical exhibition, over the air and cable television broadcast. Many of these movies can be watched thanks to the IPTV technology, which is used by websites like Vaders. It has 164,000 employees working in different divisions of the company (as of December 2017).

You will be amazed to know how diverse the product and services portfolio of Comcast Company is. The products and service provided by Comcast in detail are:


  • Broadband
  • Broadcasting
  • Cable television
  • Digital telephone
  • HDTV
  • Home security systems
  • Internet
  • Movie production
  • Sport management
  • Theme parks
  • TV production
  • Mobiles
  • Venture capital
  • VOIP phone


You can get extensive information on Comcast by visiting their website or calling on Comcast phone number. In this article we have formulate a list of lesser known facts about the Comcast Company:


List of Lesser Known Facts about Comcast

  1. Microsoft (NASDAQ.MSFT) invested $1 billion in Comcast in 1997 for enhancement of Comcast’s deployment if high speed data and video services through its cable delivery network. The deal was made at a time when internet was still developing and it involved Microsoft software and Comcast cable box. But the deal was eventually cancelled.


  1. Comcast started the cable business in 1963 with only 1,200 subscriber cable system in Tupelo, Mississippi.


  1. The founder of Comcast, Robert Ralph told in his biography that the former name of Comcast Company was called International Equity Corp. The name Comcast was derived from the two words ‘communications’ and ‘broadcasting’.


  1. Ralph J. Roberts was included in the Cable Hall of Fame in 2000, while his son and the company’s current CEO Brian L. Roberts was added in 2006.


  1. In 2004, Comcast offered a $54 billion stock-swap to Disney, which was rejected by Disney. Due to the rejection, Disney’s stock showed a rise while Comcast’s stock lost ground, resulting in depletion of Comcast’s negotiating power. So Comcast pulled its offer.
  2. Disney is a rival of Comcast not only in movie but they also have competition in theme park divisions. Both of them were bidders for the Harry Potter property. Disney won the auction in 2007 when the property was put for bidding because of accepting the condition of giving creative control to the Harry Potter series author J K Rowling.

We hope the list of lesser known facts about the Company Comcast will be interesting for you.