Boston Pads, the region’s largest real-time rental and real estate database, digital resource for the Boston-area rental market, and real estate giant, now offers an easy-to-use tool to find rooms for rent in Boston.


The Roommate-Matching Database connects apartment-hunters in the Greater Boston Area to listings of rooms for rent which fit the users’ preferred neighborhood, move-in date, lease length, rent budget, amenities, and lifestyle factors that affect roommate compatibility.  Users simply fill out a short online form, creating their Roommate Profile, which the system references when scanning hundreds of listings of rooms for rent.  It’s a game-changing tool for tenants, who can now drastically cut down on time researching listings of rooms for rent and enjoy greater assurance that their prospective roommates will be compatible with their day-to-day habits.


The database grows its inventory every week as tenants and landlords alike list more empty rooms in shared Boston housing.  For landlords, this tool is already proving invaluable.  While tenants stand to save tons of money by opting to live with roommates, landlords stand to earn returns on their rental property up to 10-30% higher when they list by the room.  Until now, that option has been inaccessible to many landlords, who don’t have time in their busy schedules to keep listings updated and play roommate matchmaker.


With Boston Pads’ Roommate-Matching Technology, landlords now have a digital tool at their fingertips that matches and pools roommate groups, promotes listings on over 100 online locations, and offers real-time data to de-mystify market trends.


“We saw a need and we filled it, which is what we do,” said Demetrios Salpoglou, the mastermind behind the Boston Pads platform and technology suite.  He added, “Most Boston rental units have two to four bedrooms, and some have as many as eight, so it’s not shocking that the Boston rental market is full of roommate groups.  This new tool makes life easier for tenants, landlords, and agents alike, which is what we’re all about.”


The Roommate-Matching Database is also proving a powerful resource for sublet listings, which help landlords prevent vacancy gaps between leases and help tenants save rent money when they travel.  In more good news for tenants, they can now save even more cash on rent and utilities by easily finding new roommates to fill the empty bedrooms in their rentals.


As a greater number of tenants, apartment hunters, landlords, and agents use the Roommate-Matching Database, it becomes more helpful to more Bostonians.  We look forward to seeing how this powerful tool simplifies apartment-hunting and roommate-matching in the coming years.  And, as always, we’ll keep an eye on Boston Pads to see what they do next!