VPS is short for virtual private server. Virtual Private Servers are high in demand nowadays. However, many people are still not aware of what a VPS is used for and the benefits of it.

To understand what a VPS is, you must first understand what a VPS machine is. Moreover the difference between virtual hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting must also be known if you have plans to host a server or a website. This article will go in detail about all of these aspects and deal with the use of Virtual Private Servers.


What Are Virtual Machines and How Are Virtual Private Server’s Linked to Them?

As already said to understand Virtual Private Servers, you must first know what virtual machines are. For the virtual machine to run, it uses some physical components of the computer- for example: CPUs, hard disks, RAMs, to run an almost version as that of a computer. It basically copies the functions of a computer and allows other operating systems to be run on the same computer. Running multiple virtual machines on the same computer is very possible. Which is why many businesses who have a number of virtual machines rent those virtual machines out to consumers. That is when the terminology of the virtual machine changes and becomes a Virtual Private Server. All of the functions and characteristic remain same, only the terminology is changed. You have to have the right software to offer VPS hosting. However, the most important part of VPS hosting is having  powerful; safe and secure hardware which can make VPS hosting worth it. If you do not want to have to rent a linux VPS, you can run a virtual machine on your own computer and rent out free vps server.

Make sure you know that a virtual private server is not the same as a virtual private network. Virtual private networks are used to secure a public network to create a private network. While a VPS can facilitate a virtual private network, VPNs and VPS are not related to each other in any way.


Why Should You Use VPS?

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are the competitors of VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting allows you to share your entire physical server whereas with shared hosting, you can use one server to host a number of websites. While dedicated hosting is quite expensive but powerful and reliable at the same time, shared hosting is cheap and not so flexible. VPS hosting is seen more of a middle way. They are for people who do not need a big server like dedicated hosting but they have no use shared hosting because of its inflexibility.

VPS hosting is not as expensive as dedicated hosting. However, neither is it much expensive than shared hosting. Many centers even offer free vps services and free cloud vps as well. The biggest reason why VPS hosting is preferred is because of sandbox security. In case the virtual server is destroyed, your physical server stays intact.