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When you hear the words “Kraft paper” something comes into your mind as there are numerous misconceptions attached to it. For example, a piece of thick brown paper in which you get groceries or a type of packing material which we used to have for school projects. But do you know that there are so many different types of Kraft paper available in the market? Each of them has its use and its own set of unique applications in business. So, how it is made?

Let’s dig into the different type of Kraft papers available in the market.

As Space Print explains, kraft paper is made out of Wood pulp for having a result as a sack/brown paper after being putting into the suitable machine speeds. The long fibers help in providing the suitable amount of strength and gives wet strength chemicals to improve the overall strength of paper. The paper is then used to increase the porosity and elasticity. It helps in shrinking the paper and elongates the paper up to 4% in the machine direction and 10% in the cross direction without breaking. The paper is then coated with polyethylene so it can be protected against moisture, grease and bacteria.

1.     Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

The material is clean, crisp and durable which is ideal for high-end applications. It has a tear resistance quality which is perfect for brand packaging, wrapping, protective layering, etc. It is considered to be one of the most useful Kraft paper that has numerous applications.

2.     Brown Sack/Recycled Kraft Paper

Brown sack/recycled Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly product which is durable, reliable, and does an excellent job with tray boxes and bottom wrap. One can’t deny how beautifully it gives a vintage look to every product. It gives an extremely beautiful chic and vintage look to the cards and book covers which never gets old and can be used for every occasion.

3.     Black Kraft Paper

Black Kraft paper can be used as the most durable material for picture’s background and other support. It is readily used in art and craft projects, for decoration purpose, etc.

4.     Colored Kraft Paper

Colored Kraft paper is available almost every market and in nearly every color. The vibrant colored paper is ideal for all kind of craft projects, bulletin boards, scrapbooking, etc.

5.     Bleached Kraft Paper

Bleached or White Kraft paper is crisp, and clean in appearance. It’s economical and attractive to use for every standard packaging and wrapping.

6.     Printed Kraft Paper

Printed Kraft paper is an ideal choice for wrapping, packaging, etc. in many of the options.

Here, we would talk about the Brown Kraft paper’s benefits, use and options which it offers.

Brown Kraft paper has one of the best possible strength properties and is an ideal choice for several applications.

Why The Brown Kraft Paper stands out among other available options?

  • Durability

Brown sack/ Recycled paper is the best option due to its excellent strength properties. Its TEA index is of up to 3.8 J/g which makes it ideal for 1-ply and 2-ply industrial bags and can easily fill up weight of up to 50 kg. Brown Kraft paper is strong and relatively coarse, having a tensile strength in whole.

  • Penetrative capability

This Brown sack/Recycled paper is the perfect combination of strength and porosity. These papers have enough absorptive quality to allow penetration easily. It helps in filling and handling for different products. The porous quality helps in featuring high elasticity, high resistive capability, and durability in all packaging products.

  • Printability

This Brown sack/Recycled paper has a smooth surface and a stable paper structure which helps in a high-quality print result.

  • Runnability

Brown sack/Recycled paper shows strength, stiffness and surface smoothness to make seamless operation in the high-speed machinery.

Facts you need to know about Brown Kraft paper

– Except for white and yellow ink, every color can easily be printed on Brown Kraft paper.

– Recommended colors to be printed on Brown Kraft paper are the darker and muted-tone ones. It helps to create a great-looking contrast.

– Neon and Fluorescent inks create a vibrant and bright print on Brown Kraft paper which creates a fantastic effect on any product which is made through this.

– There is a limitation in Brown Kraft paper that images don’t work very well on printing. It is recommended to have simple line graphics in one to three colors.

– The uncoated finish present in this kind of paper helps to write easily. So, if you intend to have any kind of product where handwriting is needed then it’s a perfect choice.

What options are there in products to be made from Brown Kraft paper?

1.     Brown Kraft Paper Business cards

You can make a statement card with Kraft Brown Paper. These environmentally-friendly Brown Kraft cards help in making your brand or its message stand out. Plus it reflects the natural theme you own. Even if you have chosen any of the simplest designs and fonts for your card, it would help to reflect a lot just because of this. The Brown Kraft paper is recycle-able so, it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Brown Kraft paper offers several ranges due to providing a widest range of thicknesses, it caters around 14pt to ultra-thick 45pt. Similarly, the Kraft paper offers a wide range of rich and vibrant colors as well such as light and dark shades of Brown, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Royal and Navy Blue, Dark Green, and Black.

2.     Brown Kraft Paper Greeting/ Wedding/ Gift cards

Brown Kraft paper is also very popular in making Ideal and high-quality greeting cards, wedding cards, invitation cards, gifts cards, etc. Many unique designs can easily be experimented on it. Whether you opt for vintage or a retro theme, everything looks great on it. The rustic and chic look gives it a very stylish feel. Similarly, one can easily get the matching envelopes with embossing or embroidery designs.