Bruc Bond’s Emergence In Singapore


Bruc Bond is a world class company that offers the best expertise that range from corporate banking to traditional banking and e-commerce payments. The name of Bruc Bond is based on the words bridge and bond which share a strong interest or emotion. Eyal Nachum is the chairman of the board and has headed the company since its first days. Moreover, Bruc Bond also has expertise in information technology and regulatory compliance. The company is highly trained and possesses advanced communication skills to act as a bridge for banks and corporate clients.

Ever since its inception in 2016 in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, Bruc Bond quickly became a player in the region. In the year 2019, Bruc Bond set up its operations in Singapore due to the ease of doing business and favorable policies. The investors of Moneta are from Israel and the reason why the company was based in Lithuania after a length selection process which consisted of visits to different European countries. It is only after a thorough examination of the start-up community that Vilnius, Lithuania was selected. Bruc Bond focuses on the Fin Tech field and required a rational and clear regulatory environment, customer confidence and political stability which is why it opted to start its operations in Singapore. The company has the expertise to turn a country in a Fin Tech power. Thus, the decision to start operations in Singapore is a major win for the tiny city state. The company has seen success in Lithuania and is interested in exploring more opportunities. Within a year of its launch, Bruc Bond managed to hire about 15 new employees which cover fields like administrative staff, operations, management, risk assessment, legal compliance, and financial management.

Bruc Bond has a vision to establish a development, education, and research center which is the first of its kind in the region. Eyal Nachum believes that the obvious advantage of countries like Lithuania and Singapore is the Fin Tech scene and the fact that there is endless talent that can be fully utilized. Moreover, the talent is not just confined to the capital but the entire European and Asian markets are welcoming of the top talent from the world over. There is great potential for growth in the Fin Tech sector in both Lithuania and Singapore.

Furthermore, there has been incredible growth in the field of financial technology in recent years around the globe and data suggests that it would only continue to increase. More and more companies have started to invest in financial technology. Lithuania and Singapore are in the perfect place for taking advantage of this boom due to their regulatory and legal requirements. Thus, they are in the top position to tap this growth and to become a main player in the field of financial technology. Lithuanian authorities have already licensed Moneta and the company is working hard to ensure that the best services are provided to its global clients. Bruc Bond has an extensive network of relations and contracts with banks as well as other financial institutions.

Endless Dedication To Innovation

Bruc Bond has an endless dedication to innovation. It has a simple mission which is to continuously source innovative and new ways in order to bridge the gaps between its banking partners and clients. The main goal of Bruc Bond is to provide its clients with effortless banking. This is only possible by providing clients with a simpler and more straightforward service. Thus, the customer service model and online banking platform centers around providing users with an enhanced experience. It ensures that clients are provided with greater freedom.

The company strives to eliminate any barriers through concise and clear communication. The team at Bruc Bond is committed to fully satisfying the needs of its partners and clients. Bruc Bond is committed to providing its users with a seamless banking channel such as by offering a transparent approach. Long lasting relationships, transparent communication, and flexible technology are the reason behind the huge success of Bruc Bond. The company is leading the financial sector through its sustainable, customized, and competitive initiatives. Open communication is also promoted throughout the process. The main aim of Bruc Bond is to create a 21st century banking process which is transparent, simple, and straightforward.

What Does Bruc Bond Do?

If you are not aware of what Bruc Bond, then you need to continue reading. Being a B2B banking firm, Bruc Bond not only allows you to create and maintain a bank account, but it also provides you with personal banking services and offers clients the opportunity to take advantage of a one-point manager. Technology, banking relations, and compliance are the focus of Bruc Bond. The company has managed to create a channel of free-flow connectivity between these components. It is creating a banking culture that truly understands its customers and makes communication extremely easy.

Firstly, clients have to apply for an account wherein Bruc Bond conducts a pre-analysis to collect information from the client regarding their needs for the currencies, industry, services and etc. After a thorough analysis has been conducted, the company pinpoints the cases of its clients to various relevant banks. Thus, Bruc Bond matches the needs of its valuable corporate clients to provide them with an in-depth solution and the best banking capabilities in order to establish a partnership with them.

Launch In Singapore

Bruc Bond is aiming to take Singapore by a storm. Formerly known as Moneta International, Bruc Bond is a leader in business banking. Singapore is the heart of the Asian financial market and it is due to this reason that Bruc Bond is interested in the tiny city state. The favorable business climate and strategic location of Singapore has been of particular interest. Home to thousands of small-medium enterprises and financial institutions, Singapore offers great potential for Bruc Bond and its aim for global fin tech dominance. Multinational businesses in Singapore are geared to work with Bruc Bond to take advantage of the favorable business banking solution-provider.