There was a time when the trading space was not as open as it is today and not everyone could have just stepped into the market any time they wanted. There were not many trading instruments available either, as forex and stocks were the primary options. Hefty funds were also required and people had to venture out and devote a lot of time in order to trade successfully. Things have changed significantly, to say the least, thanks to technology and the internet. Online trading is now the norm, so the market has opened up to people from all walks of life and they don’t need heavy capital, years of experience or any prior knowledge.

What they do need is an online broker to help them get started. With trading moving online, it is not surprising that brokers have also shifted online and are now offering their services to traders globally. But, like in the traditional market, due diligence needs to be done when choosing a broker because not all fall into the same category. Just like traders have different backgrounds, so do brokers, and you need to figure out if a broker can be trusted or not. This is because you will share your personal information with them and also your money.

Amongst the different brokerages that are operating nowadays, there is one known as BubbleXT, which was founded by a group of professional traders. These people came together to create a brokerage that could offer traders everything they need in one place, so they don’t have to switch brokers every now and then. It is a forex and CFD broker that is based in Zurich, Switzerland and follows the STP model, so it is not in direct conflict with its clients. But, where exactly does it fall on the trust scale? The only way to determine this is by checking it thoroughly.

Trading Products

First off, consider what trading products you can find at BubbleXT. It claims to offer 450 instruments to its clients to help them in diversifying their portfolio, as per their preference. When you take a look at their asset index, you will discover that this is not a false claim. Signing up with this broker will allow you to trade forex currency pairs, shares in the stock market, indices and also cryptocurrencies. The broker also lets you trade an array of commodities, including precious metals, energies and agricultural items. Plus, they have added mutual funds, bonds and futures for facilitating their clients even further.

Protection of Funds

You want a broker that prioritizes the protection of your hard-earned money that you will deposit with them. BubbleXT understands that they can only earn a trader’s trust if they commit to protecting their money. Therefore, they have opted for account segregation, a practice designed to keep traders’ funds separate from the brokerage’s own accounts. This prevents any misappropriation and the money is only used by traders for their activities. Also, this money is kept in cold storage, so it cannot be accessed by cybercriminals and stolen.

Safety of Sensitive Data

Like your money, you also want your information protected because identity theft is a common occurrence on the internet. BubbleXT is proactive in this regard as they secure your account via 2-factor authentication and other verification process. Your account is monitored at all times, as is your IP address. You are also protected against DDoS attacks and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is applied to ensure your information doesn’t get misused.

Along with these measures, there are also AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies that have been implemented by BubbleXT for your peace of mind. These verify everyone signing up with the broker, thereby preventing any criminals from accessing the broker’s platform.

Trading Platforms

Knowing what kind of trading platform you can use is also important because it makes a difference in your experience. At BubbleXT, you will find that different versions of trading platforms are available for your convenience and ease. There is the popular and well-known MT4 trading platform, downloadable on desktop, which comes with some of the best tools and features in the market. It is highly secure and has an intuitive interface, along with state-of-the-art technology that delivers excellent trade execution.

Traders will also find a Web Trader offered by BubbleXT for those who prefer to access their trading platforms via the web browser. It provides slippage protection and advanced charting tools, comes with trading indicators and also supports automated trading. Trading is quick and you can check markets in real time. There are also mobile trading apps for iOS and Android platforms that provide traders with the option of monitoring trading activities round the clock and trading from anywhere and at any time.

Account Plans

To avail a broker’s services, opening an account is mandatory and every broker comes up with unique plans for accommodating its clients. BubbleXT has designed five account plans that reflect different trading styles. These options are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature and VIP. The deposit requirements start at 10,000 for the smallest account and 500,000 for the biggest. The broker supports two account currencies; GBP or EUR and deposits can be made in either.

Some of the features offered by the broker are common in all account plans, such as 24/7 customer support, one-on-one training, trading news and unlimited 365 trading dashboards. But, BubbleXT has reserved some features for specific account plans like personal account manager, private banking and trading algorithm. Moreover, the last account option can only be opened by invitation and is not accessible to every trader on the platform.


These are some of the offerings of the broker that indicate that you can trust BubbleXT’s services to get the job done. You will also be pleased to discover that this broker has added excellent customer support options and they offer their clients a complete education center where they can polish their trading knowledge. With minimal fees and commission and sophisticated trading tools, you can find a complete package here.