What are the financial benefits of keeping an automatic journey registration? Do you transport yourself in a private vehicle? Then read on quickly! You can save a lot of costs and pay less tax.

Automatic trip registration (translated to Dutch: rittenregistratie) is of course easy to prevent addition. And that is immediately the first financial reason to choose ride registration. By keeping a tidy record that you do not drive more than 500 kilometers privately, you can prevent addition. A number of aspects are important for keeping a comprehensive trip registration:

Registration number and type of vehicle;

  • Date;
  • Ride number;
  • Start and end location;
  • Start and end mileage;
  • Mileage including character: business, private or home / work;
  • Driver;
  • Totals of private and business per period


With an average Volkswagen Golf of $ 31.240, that easily saves $ 267,78 net per month. And that is, of course, serious money. Calculate this over the years that you drive your business car, and you end up with a saving of 12x $ 267,78×5 = $ 16,000.

Another saving is in the time that you can spend working out your trip registration manually. If you drive an average of 5 trips a day, you will spend about a minute per trip to keep track of that properly. That is 25 minutes per week, so 100 minutes per month. It is better to spend those 100 minutes per month on earning money instead of keeping records.

Do you drive your own vehicle for business? Then you can declare $ 0,17 per kilometer for business purposes. This way you can reduce your business revenue and you have to pay less (sales) tax. If you rent a car for business, you can also submit 19 cents per kilometer. Did you know that you can also offset the use and maintenance of your business kilometers? You can deduct the VAT amount for maintenance and use for business purposes. This can amount to hundreds of euros per year.