Buddha wall paintings on beautiful, large canvases is becoming a popular trend. According to many religious beliefs, such portraits or sculptures of the Buddha can bring excellent feng shui energy for your home. The most popular one amongst these is a depiction of the Buddha in a classic meditation posture, which is rich in calming and serene energy.

If you’re wondering who buddha is or why you should purchase these canvases, I’m here to give you all the required details.

About Buddha

Generally, the term ‘Buddha’ translates to ‘Awakened One’, or the person who has successfully awakened from their slumber of ignorance and has the ability to view everything around him as it really is. A Buddha is a person who is free from all worldly faults and mental obstructions that may distract them from the true purpose of life. It is believed that the Buddha is aware of all worldly matters that evolve around him. As he has truly abandoned his slumber of ignorance and eradicated all worldly distractions from his mind, he is aware of all happenings in the past, present, and future, both directly and simultaneously. Buddha is known for his compassionate nature that is absolutely unbiased, which makes him embrace the life of all living beings without any discrimination.

Why a Canvas?

In typical beliefs, it is said that Buddha assists and brings forth good for all living beings without exclusion. He does this by emanating multiple different forms and bestows his countless blessings on them so they also may wake. By becoming a recipient of Buddha’s blessings, all beings (even including animals), can have the opportunity to develop strong, calm and righteous states of mind. If met with a form of the Buddha and given true spiritual guidance, every living being has the chance to embrace the journey of freedom and enlightenment. A well-known Buddhist scholar Nagarjuna noted, “there is no one who has not received help from Buddha.”

Due to these reasons, many people appreciate the presence of Buddha in their homes or workplaces. In the form of a beautifully depicted canvas, people can have the chance to receive Buddha’s blessings in their home and in the work they carry out on a daily basis. Through this Buddha Wall Art and the spiritual guidance it brings forth, people are led to make better, informed decisions, notably become more content with their lives, and become keen to explore the purpose of their existence.

Good Qualities of Buddha

As noted by many great scholars, it is seemingly impossible to be able to describe all good qualities of Buddha. The compassion, wisdom, and power that is bestowed is beyond conception. By freeing his mind from the obstructions of life, he sees all singularities throughout the universe in the clearest of ways. Through the force of his compassion, Buddha will always engage in whatever is appropriate to provide benefit to others around him. He does not think of the best ways to help other living beings, but he naturally and effortlessly acts in ways that will benefit others immensely, now or in the future. A Buddha does not need to motivate himself to help others, but does so simply because being beneficial, helpful and compassionate is part of his nature.

Buddha: The Emanations

Many people question the act of hanging a Buddha canvas in your home to call for his presence and compassion. In reality, it is known that a Buddha’s emanations automatically appear wherever the minds of living beings are able to perceive them. Since Buddha can appear in any form throughout the universe, having a canvas will only help you remember his presence and truly rely on it for spiritual guidance and help. It is known that Buddha can manifest as men, women, animals, form of weather, mountains and many other forms that are unknown to the perception of a human mind.

Styles of Buddha Paintings

Buddha is widely known for many Feng Shui purposes, and the most prominent way of portraying this is through the work of art. Originating from the ancient Chinese practices, it is a popular belief that since feng shui makes appropriate use of Buddha statues and imagery, it helps in the supervision of positive energy in the home.

Generally speaking, Buddha’s presence in a home brings much harmony and tranquility to the lives of individuals. Having a demanding, frantic lifestyle portrays the ‘yang’ energy in the feng shui and is highly significant to emphasize on sustaining positive energy in the home. Obviously, there is no external influence that could achieve this more efficiently than the Buddha himself.

A Buddha canvas is likely to attract soothing yin energy to accompany and balance out the current yang energy of your busy lifestyle. A proportionate yin-yang energy within a household is the secret to healthy living, well-being and true peace of mind.

1. The Sleeping Buddha

This type of the Buddha promotes the presence of peaceful, calm, and simple energy in your home. The relaxing and soothing sensations that it brings can especially suit the atmosphere of your living room or a hallway connecting multiple bedrooms to promote serenity within the household.

2. The Laughing Buddha

The southeast area of your home, also known as the ‘money area’ in some Chinese cultures, is the perfect area to place a laughing buddha. Since the presence will promote celebration and joy, it can spark the higher, happy quality energy and extend the benefits to your whole home. Many people also like placing the laughing buddha at their main entrance, mainly because it reminds them of his presence and spreads positive energy each time one looks at it!

3. Buddha on the Lotus Base

These Buddha canvases are in a traditional meditation pose which brings countless feng shui energy, especially for those who are involved in spiritual growth and cultivation. Considering the hues of red and gold present in the fire element, this Buddha type is centering, calming and known to be deeply spiritual in its essence.

4. The Meditating Buddha

Buddha in the classic meditating posture is a timeless classic that provides exceptional energy for career-oriented individuals as well as those who are keen on becoming helpful for those around them. Most popularly, these are placed and appear stunning above any bench or beside a window.

5. The Happy Buddha

Perfect for your main entrance as it is the biggest sign of good luck, this happy Buddha is an excellent decor piece while it spreads a vast abundance of Feng Shui energy throughout your home.