When we talk about shelter in our necessities roof is actually what we refer to. As it provides us protection. A house is just a structure of bricks without a roof. A damaged roof can result in horrible outcomes such as leaking, weakened corners, cracks, peeling paint and staining on walls.
The worst conditions can result in openings in the ceiling with continuous material fall out damaging the furniture and interior of the specific room.


A roof is a big expense and is undoubtedly a vital part of a perfect home. Roofing should be the priority when you plan to renovate your house or even at the time of construction. Investing in a good quality material and deciding the best method of roofing is worth the effort by the end of the



Building and improving roofing using galvanized sheets has been in practice for quite a few years and people are prioritizing it now. COSASTEEL as a galvanized steel coil manufacturer, gives an explanation. Galvanisation is a procedure through which rustling is prevented by application of a zinc coating on steel or iron. We usually come across terms such as G60
and G90 when galvanization is being described. The more the zinc is used in coating the better the result is. The zinc is added using a formula, the “G” in it represents the amount of zinc that is added in ounces to each 100 sq. feet of a steel or an iron panel. For example, G60 consists of 60 ounces and likewise, G90 consists of 90 ounces. These numbers have a direct link with the durability and longevity of the roof. Roof shaping and roof structure do have an effect on the formula that has to be used.



While the iron or steel is dipped several times in the hot zinc pool and is been coated with layers and layers of zinc-iron alley and zinc metal, a metallurgical reaction is taking place between the iron in steel and the molten zinc. There is a diffusion taking place so the coating thickness
with a uniformity on all parts of the material. This process is categorized as simpler corrosion protection method. Its simplicity is what makes it a
preference for the consumer over other corrosion protection methods. The Zinc coat which is silver in colour can be painted and customised according to one’s choice and preference.



Galvanised metal roofs are expensive than the shingled roofs but they have a good number of other advantages too. Energy efficient, durability, good resale value and style are a few significant advantages. Although this is pricey still it is considered as the most affordable metal roof. It is an energy efficient roof for the ones living in areas where the weather is warm most of the time as it is a good heat replant and saves electricity cost. The zinc coating does not rust at all which increases the resale value which is not a case when talking about metal roofs. Galvanised roofs are attractive as they can be designed and styled giving a modern look to the roofs. This adds to the versatility of the design.



As it is said there are always two sides to the story so here are the disadvantages because not everything about the galvanized metal roof is exemplary. Galvanised is not an option for you if you are looking for a long lasting material. Sadly, galvanization needs to be replaced soon and it is heavier to install than the traditional material which makes it even more difficult and energy consuming. Cost is a very important factor that needs to be considered when you are going for galvanization metal roofing. It needs a good amount of investment so it not a pocket-friendly option for the ones who are planning to stay at a place for a shorter time period. A galvanized material roof can last on an average of 50 years and more if it is maintained properly, but comparatively, this isn’t a good time bracket than that of aluminium roofs.



Using galvanization for roof improvement would be the best choice for people who are living in a hot climate and are looking forward to long-term investment. This is undoubtedly the smartest choice over the metal roofs for them.