Almost every online retailer with an e-commerce store is familiar with product photography. The need to accurately show consumers the product being sold is an integral part of the online shopping experience. It is no secret that consumers rely on great images for their buying decisions. High quality photography will make your products stand out and sell much quicker. The majority of consumers value the product’s image quality more than any specific information found in the reviews or product description which means that
the quality of your product photography is the deciding factor in a consumer’s mind when making a purchase. In a global market with thousands of merchants selling similar products, you only have few seconds to make a sale. In essence, you will take your potential customers on a visual journey and show them the product in various situations that will convince them to make the final decision. This is where a variety of image styles kicks in.

Product photography falls into three main categories: the standard white background product shots, the creative product photos, and the lifestyle imagery.

Product shots:
Standard product photography is the most important part for online retail. The product is photographed against a clean background, with shadow or reflection. A simple clean photographic style creates a statement that is bigger than just one product. Stripping out everything else in your imagery and focusing on the product not only creates a more versatile image that you can use for multiple things, but can also help elevate the perceived value of your products, and your brand as a whole.

Creative product photography:
Still life images do not replace a white background product shot. One is not better than the other, they both have roles to play in marketing your products. When it’s time to connect people emotionally with your product, it’s time to get creative. If you want to
sell an idea, feeling or aspiration you use creative product photography. A creative product shot is where we build the entire composition – from choosing the most attractive backdrop, to what props to use, to how to position and light all the other elements. Creative photography is much more than just product, the compositional element of the still life work is an absolutely crucial part of ensuring that the final shot is engaging and unique.
Creative images are perfect for advertising campaigns, website banners, marketing materials and social media. They add emotion and personality to your product image.

Lifestyle imagery:
Lifestyle photography can help you promote your brand with real people. Great for showing products in use, demonstrating features, and giving a sense of scale. When consumers see your products in use, they gain an understanding of how it looks and functions, it will help your customer imagine having your product in their life. The storytelling element that separates lifestyle photography from generic product photos is what gives it its unique power. L lifestyle images have a far more chance of drawing the attention of consumers because they do make your product look real.

You may be confused as to which route to go. Ultimately, the answer depends entirely on your brand and the type of product you’re selling. Different products need different approaches, but ultimately getting it right will help you sell more and even get sales that need an international courier service.

. Find the style that works best for you, your brand, and your products or experiment with all 3 styles. And if you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable photographer on your side to get clicking away and watch your online sales grow, just simply call us on 07481 051322 or email us on to discuss your shoot or to request a quote.

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