Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC stands alone when it comes to the bus rental rates in the entire Emirates especially Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Abu Dhabi. Our Bus Rental Fares are genuine and reasonable. We give the best rates but we never compromise on the quality of bus rental services. We are proud to claim that we have delivered the best type of services in all the 7 emirates and major cities in the UAE with the best rates. Our bus rental prices are unique both for daily weekly or long term bus rental requirements.  Long leased bus rental rates are given with breakdown rates in order to show to the client what is included in the offer and how much they are paying against what type of services. We are pioneer in this business and our name is spread in the country for special rates with special arrangements. Our expertise is there in city tours, sight-seeing, excursions and long leased contracts for schools, hospitals, banks, hotels and construction sector. If you are interested in renting executive vans or minivans with drivers here you can find more information.

Bus Rental Prices in Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai and you are curious about the transportation fares and prices of bus rental services, you need to check the top order companies online. You will get a definite idea of the minimum possible bus rental rates. Dubai is the most variant city among all other cities in the UAE when it comes to different nationalities and the multicultural environment. At the same time you would get the best rates in Dubai too because it is the hub of business and competitions are too much between the business owners. Not all the companies share the bus rental rates or bus rental fares but there are few who do. We have shared all the prices and rates of bus rental on our website and lots of people are benefiting from these. In case you want to get local currency, please check out this aed to inr converter.

Bus Rental Fares in Sharjah

Sharjah is just 15 kilometers away from Dubai Airport and it is the third largest city in the UAE after Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Bus rental facilities are not that much in Sharjah like they are in Dubai. But our company offer even better rates in Sharjah for bus rental services because we have two local companies in Sharjah with a big fleet and lots of human resources.


Bus Rental Fares in Abu Dhabi

Bus rental facilities are a bit less compared to Dubai and Sharjah and at the same time the city is a bit far from the Northern Emirates that’s why the rates are a bit on the higher side in Abu Dhabi. You can also visit our site for Abu Dhabi Bus Rental and Sharjah Bus Rentals


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