Communication via the internet has reached a new level in recent years. Social networks, instant messengers, micro-blogs like Twitter are just a small part of the Web communication methods that are available to the modern man. But they have one principle in common — you know who you are writing to because you yourself choose with whom to communicate.

But there is an alternative – online video chats, where the choice with whom you connect happens randomly. That is, you just go to the site or app, the system picks up a random person and connects you to him/her. The most popular of these services in the Russian RuNet is Chatroulette. But in the English language segment, Omegle maintains the leading position. And that’s what we’re going to talk about.


A brief history of random chat

The Omegle service was launched more than 10 years ago – on March 25, 2009. Its author was an eighteen-year-old American called Leif K-Brooks. At that time, there was actually no equivalent to Omegle. The aforementioned Chatroulette appeared only six months later.

Not surprisingly, in less than a month, the number of site visits to Omegle rose to150,000. This is quite a major indicator. Especially considering the fact that it was 2009 when the internet was not as advanced as it is today. The approximate statistics at the beginning of 2020 are as follows:

  • site visits per month – almost 30 million;
  • regular site visitors – 7 million;
  • the site traffic ratios from computers and smartphones – 35% and 65%, respectively.

Traffic from smartphones is almost twice as much as from computers. This is really a huge volume. Even when compared to other similar resources.


Why Omegle remains the leader among chat roulettes

First and foremost, Omegle was one of the first. Most analogs simply copied its functionality. The site itself is very “light”, it loads instantly from both a computer as well as a smartphone/tablet.

The system quickly finds a companion for you. In addition, you can immediately indicate your interests, so that Omegle searches for partners willing to communicate on those particular topics with you. This way it is much easier to establish a rapport with a stranger.

We are not forgetting about anonymity. Omegle does not provide any data about you to the other person, which is very important nowadays. To share or not to share any confidential information is only up to you. But we do not advise to do this. You can’t know for what purpose the chat user is asking for your name, city of residence and other data.


Pros and cons of the service

Perhaps the only significant drawback of the Omegle site for Russian speaking users is that the resource is completely in English. But on the whole, this is not a problem – everything is intuitively obvious here. The following are the advantages of Omegle:

  • almost an instant connection with the other user;
  • high video and audio quality (if you and your partner use decent webcams);
  • the ability to use the site directly from your phone without having to download the app;
  • your choice of either text or video chat;
  • by indicating your interests, you can find the most suitable chat partners;
  • you can use your college chat by specifying its address – the system will select chat partners for you from your institution.

We remind that the resource can only be used by persons above 18 years of age. Users from the age of 13 can access the resource only with the permission of their parents. It says so on the main page of the site. Moreover, you need to choose the language in which you prefer to chat before starting to communicate. Accordingly, if you select Russian, Omegle will only connect you to Russian speaking users. This is very convenient.


Usage options, paid and free features

Omegle doesn’t have any paid features — all of the site’s tools are available for free, irrespective of what device you use. Basically, Omegle has two main reasons for usage:

  1. Text chat — for those who want to chat with new people, but do not like video dialogues (shy or just do not want to attract unnecessary attention). In a text chat, you just communicate about any topic as in a regular chat, which was quite popular in the early 2000s.
  2. Videochat. For video chats you need a webcam. You can use Omegle from your smartphone using the frontal camera. As the statistics provided above show, more than 60% of the site visitors use smartphones.

Like other similar online chats, Omegle lets you terminate the connection with your chat partner at any time if you decide to stop communicating for any objective or subjective reasons. Where necessary, the system will immediately start searching for a new person and connect you to him/her. Or you can completely switch off and leave the site.


A unique way to meet people all over the world

Who should try Omegle? Everyone who is looking for new acquaintances likes to communicate or just needs someone with the same interests. But are Omegle’s options limited only to communication? Obviously, no.

Often, visitors to a site use similar services, for example, to “level up” their English or another foreign language for free. This is a great opportunity to chat with native speakers and improve your own language skills. After all, practical lessons are now quite expensive. And here you can do it for free!

If you like to meet new people, especially with the same interests, Omegle is just the thing for you. Chatting here carries no obligations for anything at all, but if you want, you can arrange a personal, face to face meeting. The main thing is to remember the safety rules for using the internet. Do not hasten to share personal information with strangers.

By the way, you can see at any time how many people are online right now on the site. This information is displayed in the “header” of the site and is tracked online. Discover unlimited live chat with Omegle. We recommend you to try this method of communication. You’re going to love it!

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