Solar energy is available in abundance in India. In this huge and vast country, studies show that nearly 300 days are bright and sunny, which makes for the ideal weather conditions. With the help of solar power, a lot of sunlight can be converted into electricity and stored for use in devices and appliances.

Even though the potential for maximizing solar power systems is brimming, India has not been able to extract and make use of much of its total sun bank. This happens due to the misbeliefs and misguided information that float in the market amongst various consumer groups. Nonetheless, before making any decision, it is important to separate the facts from the myths.

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Solar systems have many high capacity parts and components that may seem complicated to the consumers in the beginning. One such component is a solar inverter battery. Solar inverter batteries are one of the most crucial and high priced components of a solar power backup system. This is you will find many misconceptions about solar inverter batteries. So, to help you gain a clear understanding of the facts, here are some myths about solar inverter batteries debunked:


  1. Solar inverter batteries cost too much

Solar inverter batteries are placed on the slightly higher side in terms of pricing. But due to the significant returns on the monthly utility and electricity bill that consumers will be receiving, the initial investment will get covered up in no time.

Solar inverter batteries are a great investment, just like any other, which starts giving the customers returns in just a few years without fail with many advantages attached along with it. They also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly while maximizing savings.


  1. One needs a solar inverter battery even with an on grid solar system

Solar inverter batteries act as an extension to the off grid systems and are typically used for storing backup power. But when there is an on grid solar system, solar inverter batteries are not required.

On grid solar systems are recommended to be used in areas where there are minimal or no power cuts. They run your home appliances directly on solar power generated by solar panels and exports excess solar power generated to the grid. Hence, solar inverter batteries are not required in on grid solar systems.


  1. Solar inverter batteries are too complex

This myth is not true at all. Solar inverter batteries are not complex in nature. They are easy to install and operate with the help of a good service provider and trusted brand. The process of installation is mostly taken under by the company itself, and they are responsible for handling all the procedures and permissions. The types of solar inverter batteries are easy to understand as well. The type of batteries the customer chooses depends solely on their requirement.


Bottom Line

The lack of understanding and information when it comes to solar inverter batteries and solar systems as a whole is what halts the process of promoting solar power in India. For some people, solar power works well, but traditional power methods are still useful for other people.

The worth of a solar system in your homes and offices can only be decided by believing and taking in the correct information and knowledge related to it. So do your research, and while you are at it, remember that you can consult expert professionals from reputable brands like Luminous to understand your requirements better and then make an informed decision!