NJ Diet Review: Diet Plan Reviews for 2021

After the lockdown in 2020 and a global pandemic, most people have gained a few pounds. It isn’t enjoyable to admit, but losing weight needs to be a priority after sitting around for almost a year. If you’re trying to lose a considerable amount of weight, the diet industry will likely give you mixed reviews on the best way to accomplish this task.

A Word About Slow and Steady Diet Programs

For some, slow weight loss over extended periods seems to be the best option. These programs are designed for the general population, putting forward the idea that everyone processes weight the same way. The end goal is to lose weight slowly by following the same principles as everyone else. Lower calories. Increase exercise. Chances are, you’ve tried several of these programs without success.

Why do slow and steady programs fail?

Diet programs designed in this manner fail for a few reasons. First, these programs try to cater to a large number of people with the same design. It’s the equivalent of ‘one-size-fits-all’ clothing. On some people, the shirt will look loose and ill-fitting. A few people will find the shirt comfortable. Others will find the shirt too tight and revealing. Unfortunately, a standard approach to dieting is the industry’s inability to recognize key differences between participants. People become tired of following a program without success. They stop seeing changes in the scale. They become frustrated and give up.

What are Medically Supervised Diets?

Programs like the NJ Diet bring a new approach to the diet world. It combines biological recognition with carefully monitored programs. These programs are designed to keep individuals on target through diet, exercise, and supplementation.

The NJ Diet is an example of a medically supervised diet program. They believe that individuals should have a unique plan designed to match their specific makeup instead of following the same program as everyone else. These programs are designed to be fast, efficient, and effective – with past participants losing between 20-40 pounds in 40-days.

What Does Science Have to Do with a Diet?

Genetic factors play a central role in your weight loss journey. DNA testing is at the heart of this program, with participants having to submit hair, saliva, DNA, and blood tests before beginning their diet. These tests help assess and identify over 40 genetic components that influence how your body burns or stores fat. It gives the exact blueprint you need to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Additionally, you’ll be assessed for any specific dietary or nutritional deficiencies. These nutritional markers influence the way your body functions. If you’re deficient in minerals, vitamins, or nutrients, your body will not perform at an optimal level. After all, a car can’t run without oil and gas.

How are visits performed with the NJ Diet Clinics?

All participants interested in starting the NJ Diet will have the opportunity to visit an in-person clinic or complete their appointments virtually. These appointments will be one-on-one consultations, so you’ll never be stuck in a room with multiple people (like other diet programs).

What are people saying about the NJ Diet?

It’s one thing to look up the NJ Diet review page on the company’s website and see success stories, and it’s another to find unbiased reviews across multiple platforms. Most online reviews for the diet program have been positive, with users having successfully achieved weight loss. Some participants have noted improvement to their overall health and wellbeing, see improved energy levels, and have successfully managed to keep the weight off.

It’s always a wise idea for individuals to research a diet plan or company before registering for their services. For example, njdiet reviews on TechTimes show an overall “GPA score of 3.8 or A.” Always try to find honest and unbiased individuals sharing their stories on websites, forums, or platforms. If individuals were paid to share their feedback, you’d likely see a “sponsored” indication on the page.

Does the NJ Diet work for everyone?

Not necessarily. The NJ Diet was designed for people wanting to lose large amounts of weight in short periods. It’s always important to speak with a medical professional before starting a new program to ensure it’s right for your health or medical conditions. For some, starting the NJ Diet may be just the thing they need to get the weight off for good. Other individuals may be suited to a slower program. If you’re not sure which category you fall into, voice your concerns to the doctor at the clinic.