Buy Krugerrand coins – what investors should pay attention to

In the wake of inflation, numerous investors are now trying to invest their hard-saved money as safely as possible and in this way protect it from a loss in value. Gold, especially during the crisis, is still a popular form of investment that investors still value highly. Who does not want to invest in a gold bar, which can also acquire gold coins, which bring not only the pure gold value, but often also a collector’s value and thus bring an increase in value. But which gold coins to bet on and what do inexperienced investors in particular need to pay attention to when they want to invest their money in gold coins?


Krugerrand – still the most popular gold coin worldwide

Anyone who is concerned with investing in gold coins will quickly realize that the Krugerrand coins are still enormously in demand. These coins represent a high value not only for collectors, but can also be used worldwide as a real means of payment. Especially inexperienced investors usually do not go wrong when they decide to invest in Krugerrand coins.


Where can you buy Krugerrand coins?

As a rule, every precious metal dealer has the popular coins in his assortment. A reputable supplier, regardless of whether he works in the stationary trade or sells his goods over the Internet, is oriented to the daily gold price. He should also issue or hand over to his customers a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the coin. Who can show such a document later, also has a basis for the later resale of his investment coin.

Krugerrand coins inexperienced prospective buyers should not buy from private individuals or dealers who offer the coins at a ridiculous price. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gold coins offered, which can not stand up to scrutiny and turn out to be counterfeit. Therefore, if you want to buy a good bullion coin, you should carefully examine the offers of different dealers and get information about the dealer. For example, the affiliation of a trade association can be a good indication of seriousness.


Is it possible to buy the Krugerrand in the bank?

Some banks also offer their customers the opportunity to purchase the popular coins in their branches. However, this service is usually offered only if you also have an account with the respective credit institution. Buying a gold coin at the house bank is still the safest form of purchase for most investors, because they have the greatest confidence in the bank.


What else do you need to consider when buying a Krugerrand?

Krugerrand coins come in different units. The fineness of the coin is always 916.66/1000 gold. The weight can be bought in a denomination, so there are among other things, the 1/50 ounce, or even the 1/10 or even a 1/2 ounce. However, it is somewhat cheaper than the denomination if you invest a larger sum of money in a whole ounce of Krugerrand.

The genuine one ounce Krugerrand gold coin always has a weight of exactly 33.93 grams. This is an important criterion when considering coins. So, if you want to buy a coin from your local dealer, you should definitely insist that the coin is visibly weighed. Measurements and checks of the gold content with appropriate equipment are hardly possible for the layman and private buyer. Those who want to be sure that they are buying a genuine gold coin can purchase a so-called coin fish on the Internet, which allows the weighing and measurement of a Krugerrand.


The coins made of gold are durable and can last for generations

The history of the Krugerrand coins is long. If you want to do something good for your loved ones, you can also buy the coin as an investment and pass it on to future generations. Even after many years, the resistant coins do not show major traces and can be easily resold.