New-Age Wealth Creation Options Trending in 2022


The investing landscape saw significant changes and additions. Traditional investment options not yielding positive investment returns are getting replaced by novel options with the vulnerability spectrum’s far-right. In such a climate, supernet-worth investors seek innovative ways for maintaining and developing their capital simultaneously.

This article highlights various ways an investor can seek to get returns on investment with the new-age tools. These are attracting numerous investors seeking alternative solutions for their folios.


Market Linked Debentures

Market Linked Debentures get issued by non-banking financing firms and provide payouts related to certain stock indexes depending on an underlying condition. A 30-month MLD will pay the investor a specified rate of return after completion of its tenure if the index does not decline by more than three-fourths of its value.

MLD proceeds provide a tax benefit over conventional debt instruments, but they also include issuer risk because of large amounts and a set IRR scheduled for the end of the duration. Lower-rated NCDs are free of debts and provide higher interest rates than traditional debt securities and the possibility of receiving regular dividend payments. These routes are higher in terms of return and risk in comparison to traditional debt securities.


Venture Debt

Equity involvement in the early and development stages of unlisted firms is well recognized, and venture debt pertains to granting short-term loans to renowned early and development stage venture capital-funded enterprises. Venture debt offers a balanced mix of high yield, regular payments, and equity involvement via options. The investment period is typically around 18 to 24 months in these instruments.



Venture capital and private equity are evolving from young alternate assets to a solution to robust ecosystems over the previous few years. Private equity is an appealing investment option for several top-notch investors with a robust start-up environment and solid exits. The market surge and the enormous money gained by start-up creators and evangelists led to a thirst for initial investment proposals or even proposals in firms listed pursuing new industries.



A phenomenal growth took place in the cryptocurrency space over the last decade. The growing user base and soaring prices are a testament that this asset class will have more takers in the days ahead. However, it is advisable to do your research before delving into this.

The flexibility of usage and deregulation are the major factors driving volumes in the crypto space. You can buy cryptocurrency using several payment options. It is worth mentioning that you can buy crypto with a credit card, debit card, or any digital mode of payment. It is fueling the demand for more people to purchase cryptocurrency.

It also provides the flexibility to convert cryptocurrency (fiat) and transfer the amount to any above payment modes.


Foreign Investment

Factoring in geographic diversifications can help you add diversified asset classes to your folio. As a result, overseas investment is beginning to play a larger part in the portfolios of savvy investors.

For you to start, there is an opportunity to invest in creative global firms that are not part of your country’s stock market but have a presence in the consumer market. Second, you can improve your folio’s risk-adjusted gains by producing better yields while decreasing total folio risk by diversifying. Finally, investors with obligations in foreign currencies can mitigate the risk of native currency devaluation by diversifying their portfolios with overseas assets.


Real Estate Investments

Historically, real estate was a substantial element of the folios of rich individuals. However, due to the immobile nature of the underlying asset and the volatile market conditions, there is a noticeable shift from this asset class. However, it does not mean that real estate is losing its clout. It implies that high-net-worth individuals are increasingly getting real estate access through other vehicles such as Real Estate Investment Trusts. These are investment firms that either hold property explicitly or have a stake in the revenue generated by real estate holdings. Thus, by participating in REITs, you can get the required exposure.



In this era, technology allows investors to build optimum investment strategies that help significantly balance overall risk-return requirements. In these euphoric times, traditional asset class-composed portfolios that are stable and managed for the long term, vis-a-vis tactical folios where earnings booking can flow into strategic investment opportunities, appears to be the flavor of the intelligent investor mind frame.

Therefore, it is essential to emphasize that super-rich customers are becoming increasingly concerned with guaranteeing the protection and optimization of their financial folios via expert planning.