There has been a fresh update in Call Of Duty: a scoreboard will keep warzone, allowing players to participate in a soccer game in the stadium called Verdansk with the track of the goals scored in the match. Exploring maps and the developers’ subtle details has been enjoyed and loved by the players. Almost any game offering a soccer ball and goal challenges provides a soccer ball and a goal challenging players to find different ways to get the two together. Be it the hours of pushing or just blasting ammo at the ball to make it move, and players eventually find a way or two scores a goal.

Activision has revealed a lot of news about the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that is coming in few months. The announcement about Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has given the details of the future of COD: Warzone. There had been a little worry among the fans that the actvision would be a replacement of the game with a complete new and unique experience. However, the concerned publisher had confirmed that the upcoming shooter’s content would be included to Warzone once the launch takes place. 

Thanks to a new game mode, users can play soccer now in Call Of Duty: Warzone. The soccer game is exclusive to the new model, which is available to the royal battle game. The entry to the new ‘Face-Off-Verdansk Stadium’ mode will expose you to a giant football hidden in the midst of the given map. The ball is not for design purposes; you can play a literal game of soccer by shooting it into your opponent’s net. Users can use the weapons to play or move the ball around. A text confirming the goal pops up in front of the screen when the players hit the ball into the net, followed by celebratory fireworks indicating the secret Easter egg’s effort. 

The scoreboard updates the score of the game in realtime. Although, it does not count towards the scoring of the actual game (Paying more attention to the soccer game than the actual players you are supposed to be fighting is not a good idea, it seems). In addition to that, you will notice some incredible and impressive pyrotechnics when the ball crosses the line and a celebratory notification on top of that when you have scored the goal. In the words of Alan Partridge, “That..was liquid football.”

For Activision, Warzone is one of the best releases that they have ever done. Since the launch, the app has experienced millions of downloads and is becoming one of the most popular video games and maintains a sizeable population. Microtransactions is accounting to be approximately $500 million of revenue, as confirmed by the publisher, previously. 

Users will be pleased to know that with the release of the game, the Activision has not neglected Call of Duty: Warzone. People might be wary of the fact that the main focus of the multiplayer feature would also be included in the sequel; however, the official company and the publisher are still releasing regular and new updates. For example, The Easter egg. There is news that fresh content is going to be included in the game, giving a little demonstration of the further updates. 

There is indeed a lot going on in Call Of Duty: Warzone at the moment. For example, there is a release of the Black Ops Cold War reveal event, and some interesting teases inside the warzone bunkers. On top of this, the talent player kills using his drum kit, which is currently managing to get gulag.  Nobody could have thought of that there could have been us getting beat by beat in the warzone. For more information, you can also visit our website at