Having the right camera makes all the difference. With so many different cameras available today, it can be tough for even a pro photographer to decide which one to get. Two cameras that continue to dominate the market today since their launch include the Canon Power Shot G7X and the Canon Power Shot G9X. Both of the cameras are simply breathtaking. Both of the cameras offer a 20 megapixels resolution. They make you realize just how important it is to have a digital camera with you wherever you go. To help you choose between the two, we have prepared this review of Canon G7X and G9X.

Canon G7X

When in market for a spy camera, the Canon G7X does not disappoint in the very least. Since it was introduced to the public, people have been blown away by its performance. Its fixed lens is powerful and lets you capture amazing pictures and videos. The camera captures 1080/ 60p videos and has a tilting touch screen. However, there is no viewfinder. The LCD framing makes it easy to use. Expect to capture around 265 shots on each battery charge. The Canon G7X only weighs 319 grams which makes it light enough to carry on the go.

Pros of Canon G7X

  • The Canon G7X is a modern camera that is a longer lasting and offers a much wider view that facilitates interior and landscape shots.
  • It has a tele-lens which offers better perspective and helps with compression.
  • The camera has a wider maximum aperture which means that you get better light.
  • Expect faster bursts when using the camera. This makes it perfect for capturing pictures and videos on the go.
  • It is designed to be more selfie-friendly.
  • The titling screen helps you capture odd-angle shots.
  • The modern image processing engine offers better JPGs.

Canon G9X

The Canon G9X is another amazing fixed lens compact camera that has it all. It captures 220 shots on each battery charge and only weighs 209 grams which makes it extremely light. The camera offers 6 shutter flaps each second and has a fixed touch screen. There is no viewfinder similar to G7X.

Pros of Canon G9X

  • The Canon G9X is a lot more compact as it lighter and smaller. This means it can easily fit into your bag.
  • As the camera is less heavy, it is easier to use.
  • It is more affordable than the Canon G7X.
  • The camera was introduced in October 2015 which is why you get to find more discounts.
  • Perfect for capturing all types of content such as selfies, videos, and more.
  • Its fixed touch screen lets you capture more things easily.


Both the Canon G7X and the Canon G9X are masterpieces. However, the Canon G7X is simply better. If you are looking to get more done, you will find the Canon G7X to be the right choice for you. But, if you are short on budget, the G9X is a great alternative.