Smartphone’s have been an integral part of our lives for the better part of the last decade. They have replaced so many bulky devices from the previous generation and given us a compact version of them. Being a reader I used to carry heavy novels (yes, more than one) while travelling. Now all I need is my kindle and I am good to go. The same goes with music devices, watches, calculators, and so many other things. You do not even need to carry board games because if you need something to play with your family chances are you can download the mobile version of that game online.

But other than that these Smartphone’s have also turned reformed the way we communicate. Let us see about texting itself, today 70 Billion texts are being sent each day making texting one of the most popular medium of communication. But it wasn’t always like this. When texting first started people found it difficult to express themselves using this strange new technology. As you know human beings express themselves with more than just words. And since texting didn’t have that way to connect people it took its sweet time gaining popularity. To solve this problem came emoticons, emojis, stickers, GIFs, and even avatars. All these things have made texting more popular than any other way of communication.

But this all couldn’t have been done if it wasn’t for the extremely amazing keyboard apps that users can download for free on play store.

Most of us do not change the default keyboard that comes with your phone. I use to be like that but that was before there were so many different fantastic keyboard apps. If you are still using just the default keyboard than you are missing out on something good. Yes, the default keyboard works but does it work especially for you.

The keyboard apps that we have today are customizable to great length. Let me give you an example of the keyboard app I have been using for the whole COVID situation. So ever since my work from home started I have been experimenting a lot with the apps on my phone looking for better substitutions. From dialer apps and photo apps to productivity and keyboard apps I have spent my fair share of time finding the right app for me. So this particular keyboard app is a Bengali Keyboard App but I will be introducing some of the other apps that general for everyone later which has similar features.

So I was never much of a type in Bengali even though I am a fluent speaker. You might not have noticed it but talking to your family and friends in a language that you grew up knowing brings a sense of home and warmth to the conversation. I don’t know if it is just the lingo or the sense of familiarity but it does happen.

Anyways, since texting became my favourite and preferred medium of communication I have had trouble conversing in Bengali. So I searched for some Bengali Keyboard Application and it took me a while but I got my hands on what I think is the best Bangla typing Keboard App.

Why Do I like this keyboard so much? Well, one of the most important features for a person like me who can’t type in Bengali was its translation and voice to text feature. So I can either say what I want to type or I can use the English keyboard to type and translate it in Bengali.

But it was not just these two features that closed the deal for me on this particular Bengali Keyboard App. As I mentioned above there is a lot more to communication than just words. This Bengali Keyboard app allows users to use their sticker template and personalize these funny sticker templates by adding their animated selfie head to the templates. And you can even add custom text to these stickers in Bengali or in English. Searching stickers and GIFs for a particular emotion is also quite easy and more importantly fast. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by sending a funny GIF long after the joke is over, would you?

In addition to this, the keyboard is customizable. You can have your custom theme on the keyboard. Other than that there are little things you can tweak around that makes the keyboard even more personal. These little things include customizing the height of the keyboard, setting the level of vibration, selecting how much intrusive you want auto-correct to be and so on.

If you want apps with similar functions try typing “Your Language” + Keyboard With “Your Language” Stickers. For Example Bengali Keyboard with Bengali Stickers. Other than that a general keyboard that suits everyone would be Bobble AI. Bobble AI has a range of language to choose from.