The world is full of wonderful and unique places. Large cities, small towns, villages, and communities of all kinds. Some parts of the world are hot all year round while others are entirely frigid at all times. There are parts of the world that have huge mountains and expansive valley while others are so flat that you can see for miles in every direction, straight to the horizon. Each part of the world has its own diverse culture and history. Seeing these various sections of the earth is undeniably educational and for many, enjoyable. Travel is an immense part of many peoples lives.

Some people have the opportunity to travel and study abroad during the course of their school years. This may happen while a student is in high school or it may happen while taking college courses. Some people even choose to attend a university outside of their home country. Other people travel for business. There are are many reasons someone may need to travel for their job. They may manage overseas contracts, they may be attending a class or seminar, or they may be meeting with representatives to establish a business connection of some sort. Another popular reason to travel is the pleasure of it. Exploring new places, visiting historical sites, and seeking out relaxing resorts are all incentives to travel the world. If you are interested in traveling for the fun of it or the educational experience, there are some places that should be on every list.

Some of these locations are well known such as Paris France, the Ruins of Pompeii, the Taj Mahal, and Athens Greece. There are some locations that are not well known but are every bit as amazing and important as the ones previously mentioned. Among these locations are Porto and Douro located in Portugal. Here you will find an essential guide to touring these two amazing and complimentary locations.


Both of these locations are rich in culture and history. There are even sections that have World Heritage protection status. This is a status that is not given lightly or to any old place claiming historical relevance. Not only are these areas historic, they provide a wonderful sightseeing and tourism spots.

Also, each of these two places are famous for something. In the case of Porto, it is famous for its primary export, Port wine. It is also a coastal city, therefore there are wonderful views all throughout the area. There big, stately bridges to see and is connected to Douro by a river, the Douro River. It runs all through Porto because it is the outlet for the river. Porto is where it empties into the ocean. Its source, on the other hand, is near a place called Duruelo de la Sierra in the Soria Province. Tourists can take a boat ride on the Douro River as a sightseeing expedition.


There are several different types of tours that you can take in Porto and Douro. This includes wine tasting tours, walking tours, bike tours, cultural tours, and half-day tours. Here is a list of some popular tours of any type in the Porto and Douro areas.

  • O Porto and Douro Moments – This tour company offers every type of tour you can imagine. They have wine tours, walking tours, historic tours, and even custom tours. Their website has all the information to inquire about pricing.
  • Aveiro Half-Day Tour – This is a boat tour that takes through many magnificent sights. The price for this tour starts at $65.18 USD
  • Santiago de Compostela and Valen├ža do Minho day trip – This tour lasts approximately eleven hours. You venture from Porto to Spain. You will travel the sacred pilgrimage route St James Way.
  • Authentic Douro Wine Tour – This tour gives you a chance to see local wineries and taste the various types of wine available. You can take this tour starting at $107
  • Porto Downtown and Sightseeing Bike Tour – This tour is all about taking a fun bike ride through downtown Porto and see all of the best sightseeing locations. The price for this tour starts at $24
  • Porto Hop-On Hop-Off Tour – This tour has an optional addition of a river cruise and wine tasting. There are different levels of this tour and the price starts at a mere $18.10
  • Port Wine Lodges Tour – This tour includes a total of seven wine tastings. This is a great tour for any wine lover and it is relatively cheap. You can take this tour for prices starting at $37.03

If you are having trouble choosing a tour company there are a few steps that you can follow to help the process go smoother. The first thing you need to decide is what type of tour you are interested in. If you are a lover of wine and enjoy sampling different types of wine, you should definitely consider a wine or food and wine tour. Not only will you have an opportunity to taste various wines, you will also get to see wineries and vineyards.

If you are health conscious and enjoy a leisurely bike ride, a bike tour should be at the top of your list. If you prefer taking your time and exploring the area, a walking tour is an excellent choice for you. If you love boat rides, a boat tour is definitely for you. Once you decide which type of trip you want to take the most, the rest will be much simpler because you can automatically eliminate any tour company that only does tours that are not on your list. The next consideration that will help eliminate several choices is the price. Naturally, each company will have a different rate for specific types of tours.

Find the one that offers the kind of tour you want at the best price, and you will have your choice. If you are worried about experience or reputation, take a little extra time to look at reviews of the tour company before making a final decision. If you have still not made a decision, merely keep narrowing your options using the above criteria until you find the best tour company for your needs.