Your PC is Open to Dangers…

The Internet is filled with all kinds of content, both positive and negative. Your system is prone to different cyber threats dangerous if it is not secured and protected. There are many types of cyber threats such as viruses, malware, phishing, identity theft, spam emails, malicious ads and sites, data leakage, and browser hijacking. Companies and internet service providers should make sure that their users get to experience a secure internet experience. Fortunately, some of the providers have realized it and are offering anti-virus software with the service. Charter Spectrum is one of those companies.

Spectrum Free Security Suite

Charter Cable company provides a free security suite to their customers regardless of the package they subscribe to. The suite meets all the capabilities a standard anti-virus program has. It uses real-time protection against malware and viruses. It blocks any unauthorized attempts to access your PC either offline or online. When users are online, it helps them to have a safe browsing experience. Parental controls inside the suite help block any inappropriate content and sites. The software is available to download both for Windows and Mac OS.


Besides a free security suite, Charter Spectrum bundles offer many features that are not available for free if you opt for other internet service providers.

  • Free Wi-Fi router for home
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Free installation of the equipment
  • Parental controls for all devices
  • 24/7 customer support for any technical fault
  • Contract buyout of up to $500 for new customers

Charter has various authorized retailers in the country. My Cable Internet is one of the most user-trusted official retailers of Charter in the USA.


Benefits of Security Suite


Anti-Virus Software: The Only Solution

If you think the cyber threats by just by tracking the files by yourself, it’s not the right way as you cannot trace every batch and logged file on your system. Advanced anti-virus software can provide you with safe computing. It is specially designed to prevent you from viruses and malware attacks.

Protection from Viruses

The primary task of anti-virus software is to stop any virus entering into your system, and it does its duty with full efficiency. The program monitors the system 24/7 with its real-time protection. If any suspicious activity appears, it blocks the process and traces the location of the file hence keeping your PC safeguarded from all kinds of viruses.

No Identity Theft

Without anti-virus, your valuable data such as financial credentials, family pictures, and documents are at risk of getting stolen. It is also used for illegal activities that will harm you monetarily and socially. Security suite provides high-security solutions to save your data so you can browse the web without the possibility of any identity theft.

Healthy PC

A PC with a malware does not perform very well. Moreover, it impacts the hardware of the system. An anti-virus keeps the PC in good health by preventing any such files from entering your system.