Your wedding anniversary is coming next week?

Are you worried about the gift?

We are always short of ideas when we want to choose gifts for our loved ones.

If you want to gift something unique which you have not gifted before, then gift a caricature.

Caricature can be in the form of wall art, canvas, or personalize it as per your choice.

Be it an anniversary, graduation, wedding, birthday, farewell, etc. caricatures are perfect for every occasion.

It is one of the trending gifts that brings memories and humor together and makes a deadly combination as a gift.

In this article, I will tell you what caricature is, types of caricatures, and caricature as a perfect gift.

Let’s start.

What is a Caricature?

A caricature is a form of art that can be in the form of painting or drawing of a person or thing. In caricature, the features of the person or thing are distorted or exaggerated in a way to mock or mimic the person.

Caricature origin backs to 1600 in the form of Italian art. The term is originally Italian, ‘caricatura’. The artwork was of Annibale Carracci. Then the word ‘caricature’ was recorded in English in 1748. Some of the famous caricatures are William Hogarth, James Gillray (famous for political cartooning), Thomas Rowlandson, Gerald Scarfe, and many others.


Types of Caricatures

1.   Satirical Caricature

The politically inspired caricatures are called satirical caricatures. They portray opposing views and make political statements and are crude or impolite. Satirical caricatures exaggerate strong or weak points of politicians.

2.   Grotesque Caricature

Grotesque caricature is about putting humor in abstract ideas and abstract art. Caricature artists make it grotesque by over-complicating the simple things. The images are bantering and iconic. Artist twists the images and makes it humorous.

3.   Modern Caricature

Modern caricature is not just about humor but it is an art movement in their own right. The International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) was created to support modern caricature. Most of the modern caricature artists do impromptu art on the street or sell customized and personalized caricature art pieces.


Difference between Cartoon and Caricature

Cartoons are mostly fictional characters whereas caricature is made of a person or thing. Cartoons were first made as comic strip in 19th century. It was used as method of storytelling. It was to be printed in daily newspapers so not much effort was put into it. They are quickly done and colors are not given much attention. Cartoons are hand drawn or computer-drawn. But caricatures are mostly hand drawn and that is why they are time taking and also hand-colored. They are printed in glossier publications.

The Purpose of Caricature

Although caricatures distort the real image of the person or thing but they are made for the purpose to create a better version of them with a touch of humor. Caricatures are often used in political drawings to humor about government or to entertain people in general. Caricatures are used to mock, to tease, to compliment and to entertain.

Caricatures are becoming a trend now, the cartoon drawing is upgrading into caricatures because of its humor and satire element.

What makes a good Caricature?

Caricature artists always bring out humor and satire in their creation. A good caricature shows the right amount of exaggeration or distortion but also with some departure. It should not hurt the portrayed person’s feelings.

A caricature artist decides moment by moment on what aspect to distort or exaggerate about a person. A caricature can be made within three minutes in black and white. With proper coloring and shading, it takes more time.

Why Caricatures make great gifts?

When you go on holidays, you must have noticed some artist sitting on a roadside or in a market and casually drawing a character of a tourist.

You can then take the drawing home and get it framed to put it on your living room wall. But now you have an easier way of getting a caricature made of yourself or other person. It will be a unique personalized gift that is framed and you just need to hang it on the wall. You can order directly from home.

For example, giving a personalized portrait to one of your work colleagues who is retiring is a unique present. How about a couple caricatures as an anniversary gift instead of usual jewelry or accessories we give.

No matter what the occasion is caricature makes a perfect gift that is unique and will be cherished forever.

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