Casper mattresses come in three different models. The Essential, The Casper and The Wave.  So for this comparison, we will use the Casper model since it is close to the Nectar mattresses.



The Casper has three separate layers with a comfort has a middle memory foam layer placed in-between the top and bottom layers of poly foam. The support core is constructed from poly foam, as well. The paneled cover is made from a blend of several fabrics, primarily from polyester and rayon. On the other hand,

Nectar mattress is made of three different foam layers. The top layer consists of one-inch gel-infused foam to remove heat and give a cooling effect. The second layer is made up of three inches of memory foam. The last layer is thinly made of high-density poly foam that works as the mattress foundation.



Each Casper mattress comes with a different degree of firmness. The Casper has a measured firmness of five or medium. A thickness of 10 inches with a support core of 5 inches 1.8 PCF Polyfoam.  On the other hand, The Nectar is a 7.5 or medium. That means it’s a bit on the firm side. However, it does feel soft so it’s considered medium-firm. This means that Nectar works for most sleep positions. It is recommended if you sleep on your back, stomach, or combination of both positions. If you want something firmer that still offers a bit of contour and form to your body, Nectar is the way to go.



As for the price put simply the Casper mattresses at all levels cost more than Nectar mattresses. As shown in the table below.

Sizes Casper Mattress Prices in $ Nectar Mattress Prices in $
Sizes 595 425
Twin 645 475
Twin XL 895 595
Full 995 725
Queen 1,195 825
King 1,195 825



for all three mattress models Casper offers a 100 night sleep trial.

As for the warranty Casper offers a 10-year warranty to customers who purchase their mattress directly from Casper or an authorized seller of Casper products.

The warranty coverage begins from the date that the mattress is purchased.

This means within the warranty period Casper has to repair or replace your defective mattress. And don’t worry about the return expenses, they will cover fees for returning a defective mattress to the company, but buys will have to pay the fees for having a repaired or replaced mattress shipped back to them.

The warranty will be void if the owner does not use a solid foundation to support the mattress. Despite all of this the warranty provided by Nectar matress is way better.

The Nectar offers a 365 days trial period. That’s a full year people. You’ve got a long time to determine whether or not Nectar is the best mattress for you. If you’re unhappy you’ll be able to return it without a hassle. Nectar handles the return of your mattress and you’ll get something better suited to you. They also offer a life time warranty to protect against manufacturer defects on the mattress. Not many companies in the mattress business offer such deals, trials and warranty. So Nectar is the clear winner here.

That said both mattresses are good and Nectar has a lot going for it in terms of the price and quality. Check out the dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress and this sleep calculator for your kids.