Are you looking for volunteering programs and the chance to go abroad? Fortunately, such a volunteering company exists which can take you to any destination you want from the huge list of destinations they offer. Not only do they offer a great number of destinations, the amount and type of volunteer work you can do will leave you feeling good about yourself. The communities of that destination praise you and there is nothing more satisfactory than seeing people be happy. You can make all that happen by choosing to volunteer abroad  with A Broader View.

A Broader View is a non-profit US organisation which offers volunteer opportunities in 27 different countries! You can choose whichever country you want to go to. A Broader View will have had volunteer programs already set up there. This organisation is completely trustworthy and completely safe, with a 100% guarantee that your volunteering trip will be one of a lifetime. Not only do you get to volunteer, you get to explore the country you’ve chosen as your volunteering spot, make friends with different communities and the locals, immerse yourself in the local cultures and study about their different rituals and mindset, etc. You can even choose the duration of how long you want to volunteer. It can be a week or it can even be up to 12 weeks.

You can choose to go to Central America. A Broader View offers multiple destinations with different types of volunteer work. For example you can choose the  child care volunteering program in Belize, medical health care, orphan and child care and language immersion program in the Honduras or the sea turtle program, teaching, Spanish Immersion, special needs center, senior care and day care center or animal rescue shelter in the Costa Rica. You can also choose volunteer programs in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

You can also choose a number of locations in Africa. For example, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Cameron, Rwanda, etv. Each and every location has different volunteering programs intact, all of which will be beneficial to the community in that location. For example, children’s education, orphan and child care, medical programs, youth advocacy, health care, community development, etc.

Apart from Africa and Central America, you can also choose multiple locations in Asia and South America.

You do not even have to worry about the accommodation or food because A Broader View makes sure you get an adequate place to live and eat. Host families and guest houses accommodate you which are hand chosen by the company so you will not need to worry about where to stay, where to eat, what to do. Everything is according to a tightly planned schedule. They even facilitate the airport pick up and drop off. A Broader View sends its own staff to pick up the volunteers from the airport and guide them.

If you think that you will be confused in a new country, you do not have to worry because A Broader View’s staff is very helpful. They walk you through everything. Introducing you to the host families, helping you exchange your money for the local currency and supervise you during the volunteering programs.

Choose volunteering abroad with ABV.