Imagine, you are driving on a highway and suddenly your car starts losing power. The next thing you know is that you can’t go beyond 35 to 40 mph. It is because your car is in limp mode. For those who are new to driving or doesn’t have much knowledge, the Limp mode can be described as a security function for your car.

There are numerous causes that lead your car to go into the limp mode. It gets challenging to resolve as you might not the what the problem is. This is why we have created this article to help you know common causes and the best solution for these problems.

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Reasons Why Your Car Goes into Limp Mode

Some of the major and most common issues are:

Issue in the Wiring

The wires of your car are prone to tear, break or even get damaged. This can lead to electric problems; when the computer senses this, it sends the car into limp mode.


Transmission Problem

When the transmission of your car is interrupted, the computer informs you about it by going into the limp mode.


Battery Issue

The battery of your car will not last for a lifetime. There are numerous battery problems that can lead to an issue in the wiring system. To keep your car safe, it will go in a limp mode.


Boost Deviation

Another reason why your car is in limp mode is an error in the boost deviation. Sometimes, there is an error in the codes that help in determining the problem. It might lead to an abrupt stop and your car will go into limp mode.


Solutions For Limp Mode

When your car is in limp mode, there is not much you can do. It indicates you have a serious problem and you must get your car checked. However, are a few of the things that you can try.

  • The first thing you should not do is panic. The limp mode is designed for the safety of your car. This will prevent the engine of your car from getting damaged further. It will also enable you to drive your car to the nearest service center.
  • You can either drive the car to the service center; it is recommended you should to a service center right away. Another thing you can do is go home and then, ask the service center to get your car.
  • It is better not to drive your car when it is in limp mode. Although it is in limp mode, it can cause damage to your vehicle. It makes driving the car unsafe.
  • If you feel you cannot drive at a certain speed, you must pull off the road and call service center.

There you go; you should keep in mind, no matter what the problem is, you must not panic. It is advised to keep the number of service centers in your phone. In case you are in a difficult situation, you can call them. If you wish to know more about Limp mode, feel free to consult a car technician.