Many of us are quite unaware of mold growing inside the walls. Even if it is visible, most people fail to classify it as something harmful and potentially dangerous. Moreover, many of us are not even aware of the conditions in which molds grow and the causes! This article will tackle the conditions as well as the causes because of which mold grows.

The Conditions Required for Mold to Grow

Mold cannot grow in cold temperatures. It requires normal to high humidity to grow. Moreover, moisture is quite important for the growth of molds. If you notice your roof or any part of your wall leaking with water, there is a very likely chance that mold may be growing there. Mold also requires complete darkness as it cannot grow where ultraviolet rays hit. Moreover, mold will almost always grow in places where there is a decent spot for food for them. For example, cotton wood or drywall. It takes time to grow but once it grows, it keeps on spreading. Which is why you should seek mold remediation as soon as possible.

Why Does Mold Grow: The Causes

The main cause which encourages mold to grow is moisture.

  • High humidity. Often times when it rains, the humidity in houses tends to rise almost to a level of suffocation for people. However, it provides a perfect chance for mold to grow. Especially if the humid climate lasts for more than a few days. It gives the mold forming process an upstart. Moreover, living in homes which are near the sea or the coast have a very high chance of mold forming quickly. If your home is not ventilated well enough, wet surfaces may take a longer time to dry, effectively increasing the humidity. Even drying clothes inside your home increases humidity levels!
  • Leaking pipes. Some pipes are inside the wall and detecting a leak can be quite difficult. By the time it is detected, the mold has already formed as it provides a fresh and ready environment for the mold to grow. In such cases, mold removal becomes necessary.
  • Leaving a pile of damp clothes for longer than a day can also cause mold growth on the clothes and in the house. Drying in a dryer releases a great amount of moisture which also causes mold growth. Leaving wet clothes inside your house also tends to increase the humidity levels.
  • Since basements are situated quite lower than other rooms, the climate there remains much more humid than the rest of the house. This is because they are not ventilated well enough. Basements usually have a dark and humid environment, perfect for molds. Moreover, much of the water leaking from walls tends to run towards the basements. In such cases, basement water flood damage services should be hired as soon as possible.
  • Like basements, attics are also quite humid, dark and damp. Especially if there is a leak in the roof. Attic mold removal services should be hired as soon as the mold is detected.

Take quick action and save your house as well as the environment inside it.