Ramen noodles and donuts, two things the world is a fan of. Every person has, at least once, tried ramen noodles and donuts. These two foods have quite a widespread consumption rate in the world with their many different types all available easily in Miami. Let us talk about the oh-so-famous ramen noodles first.

Types of Ramen Noodles

As we all know, the ramen noodle originally originated from Japan. It used to be eaten by peasants and lowly workers as it was available quite cheaply. However, now, the dish has been transformed into something magical, with different flavours emerging every month or year. Moreover, the ramen noodle used to be disliked in Japan but now it is their national dish. It used to taste simple and quite bland, something to satisfy the hunger pangs of people. However, many ramen shops now exist in Japan and each of them offer different variations of ramen. There is even a ramen museum in Tokyo near Yokohoma. That is how much the love for ramen noodles has grown.

This love for ramen noodles has been transferred to Miami as well which has its own different stalls and shops of ramen. All of them also offer a great number of variations which taste very authentic. Here are four different and original types of ramen which are available in Miami. You can check out the best ramen in Miami Florida to find places where you can enjoy these types of ramen:

  • Shio ramen. This type of ramen tastes the lightest out of all the rest. It has a clear broth because it is not boiled for very long. The broth is usually made from chicken, fish, seaweed and vegetables. Although it is eaten with toppings like narutomaki, other toppings can also be added.
  • This type of ramen has a broth made out of chicken, vegetables and a lot of soy sauce, giving it a tangy flavour.
  • Having a rich and creamy base which tastes like cheese, this is a favourite of the people.
  • Made out of the carcass of pigs, this broth is boiled for a long time so the broth can have a meaty taste.

Types of Donuts

Even if you aren’t much of a donut-lover, every person does crave a donut once in a while. Surprisingly, everyone has different preferences of the donut they crave. Check out the best donuts in Miami Florida to know where to get the different variations of donuts.

  • Chocolate frosted donut. A classic.
  • Cinnamon twist donuts.
  • Boston crème. Filled with thick vanilla custard which tastes like condensed milk.
  • Crullers
  • Strawberry frosted
  • Jelly donuts. Filled with different types of jellies on the onside, depending on the flavour you order.
  • Glazed donuts. These donuts are glazed with icing sugar that has been made into a thick liquid by mixing it with water.

If you’re ever in Miami Florida, make sure to try the different types of ramen noodles and donuts from there.