Cavity wall insulation is a ‘hot potato’ topic in the United Kingdom right now with millions of individuals having felt the sting of cavity wall insulation being mis sold, and not only the mis selling of the insulation, but also badly installed insulation.

Cavity walls are one of the most common blunders in households with so many of them going wrong it is important to ensure (if you do plan to get cavity wall insulation installed) you use high quality building professionals with all the applicable qualifications, this is the best way to ensure the work carried out is of the best quality, ask to see examples of previous work to verify.


Cavity Wall Claims – Claims Management Company

You need to select a reliable cavity wall claims management company. If you go with a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing properly this can spell trouble for your potential claim and you may even end up being charged in lieu of a payout if you choose the wrong firm.


Ways To Ensure You Choose The Right Company

  1. Make sure you choose a company which has a proven track record of successes in cavity wall compensation claims
  2. Ask about their procedure and what they will do to maximise the chances of a successful claim
  3. Look for testimonials or online reviews from sites like Yell, Trustpilot and other similar sources.

These are a few ways to quality check the claims management company before you decide on one, this way you can make an informed decision about who you work with.

Cavity wall insulation repairs will also need to be carried out to the property so it’s worth bearing this in mind when thinking about how to allocate compensation and any payouts and monies refunded.


How Much Compensation Could I Be Due For Cavity Wall Insulation Issues?

Typical amounts of compensation are in the range of £10,000-£23,000, and whats more the claims are generally handled on a no win no fee basis, so these are essentially no win no fee cavity wall claims meaning there is no upfront cost and therefore no financial risk to the claimant.


How Can I Be Sure That I Am Due Compensation?

It is not possible to be 100% certain as to whether or not you are due compensation until the surveyor has given a full assessment of your property and examined the cavity wall fully to determine if there is an issue and also whether or not there was a requirement for a CWI installation in the first instance(which would indicate it is a case of mis selling).

There are however, some telltale signals that there is an issue with the cavity wall insulation:

  1. Damp in the walls – this can be a common signal of a cavity wall issue
  2. Wall damage (structural wall damage) due to moisture getting in the cracks in the wall.
  3. Condensation forming in the property.

And there are others, but any diagnosis is best carried out by an expert surveyor.