Are you having trouble choosing between CBD capsules and CBD oil? Do you want to find out which option suits you best? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at the differences between CBD capsules and CBD oil. Whether you are new to CBD use or not, chances are that you might be confused about which CBD product to get. The demand for CBD products has skyrocketed in recent times. If you want to decide between CBD capsules and CBD oil, you have come to the right place. This post explains the differences between the two and which option you should consider.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabinoid. It is an active ingredient from the cannabis family. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD. It is a non-psychoactive chemical that has become widely available due to the Farm Bill in 2018 that made CBD legal in all states. Keep in mind that CBD is different from THC as it does not get you high. Extensive research is being conducted on CBD to learn more about its medicinal purposes. It can be used to treat various ailments ranging from insomnia to severe epileptic disorders. There is a wide variety of CBD products that are available in the market. They can be inhaled, used internally, and topically. However, when buying CBD products, it is crucial to ensure that you buy from a reliable vendor such as It offers all types of CBD products including CBD capsules and CBD oil.


CBD Capsules

CBD capsules contain CBD extract which is typically suspended into the capsule in gel form. They are different from CBD oil in the way they look and how they are taken. The following should be considered when comparing CBD capsules and CBD oil.


CBD capsules are taken orally just like oil. However, the body responds differently to it. CBD oil provides the sublingual gland advantage which means that the body quickly processes CBD into the bloodstream. On the other hand, the capsule goes through the digestive system first where it is broken down before making its way into the bloodstream. Thus, CBD is not readily available. The capsule only releases through digestion.


When it comes to CBD capsules, there is no flavor that you need to think about. All you need to do is swallow the capsule. Thus, it might be the perfect option for anyone that has trouble taking oil directly.


The best thing about CBD capsules is that they are very easy to take with you wherever you go. You do not have to worry about waste or spilling, unlike CBD oil. Moreover, it is a more discreet option. Besides, CBD capsules are very specific with dosage. This means that you do not have to measure anything as you would already be getting the right amount.


The main downsides of CBD capsules is that you do not take advantage of its true potential a small amount of it is lost as it is broken down by the digestive system. CBD capsules also do not enter your bloodstream as quickly which makes them less readily available.


  • Very discrete option
  • No flavor or aftertaste
  • Easier to travel with


  • Not as readily available as CBD oil
  • Is broken down by the digestive system



CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. After extraction, it is separated from the THC to make it a consumable, legal substance. Then, the oil is suspended in a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or fractionated coconut oil. Sometimes, it is even blended with essential oils to boost its benefits and taste. Most CBD oil-based products are available as a spray or in a dropper.


It is the active portion of the product that would circulate into the body’s bloodstream. The way CBD is used influences how it impacts you. Even though you can mix it with food items, it is best that you place it under your tongue to benefit from the sublingual gland. It will help ensure that the oil is absorbed by your bloodstream. This way you will get a good amount of oil into your bloodstream for effective results.


CBD oil has a bit of earthy and slick flavor. It might be an issue for someone that is not used to consuming oil directly, especially if one is required to hold it for 30-60 seconds. The flavor of CBD oil can be masked by mixing it with essential oils and coconut oil. The subtle flavors and strong scents will make it easier to take it directly. The most popular CBD oil flavors include lime, peppermint, and orange. Some products even include sweeteners.


Taking CBD oil is quite convenient. Since it is available in a dropped bottle and as a spray, it should only take mere seconds to administer it. Holding it for 30-60 seconds should not be that problematic.


Anyone that has sensitive gag reflex or has a tough time handling the oil blend taste would find CBD oil difficult to take. However, it is possible to mix it with food items. But, it would reduce the percentage that enters your bloodstream initially. Moreover, oil can easily spill when traveling.

Pros of CBD Oil

  • Has secondary ingredients
  • Can be added in food and drinks
  • Has an overall immediate effect

Cons of CBD Oil

  • Not as discrete
  • Does not offer the best taste



There is no better option when comparing CBD capsules and CBD oil. It all depends on your personal preferences. Although CBD oil might be the best option due to the fact that it is more readily available and allows you to take advantage of its full potency, its flavor is not the best. Thus, you need to decide which option suits you best. If you do not like the flavor of CBD oil and travel frequently, CBD capsules might be more suitable. You should ask yourself what is more important.