Recruiting and staffing is a massive business, globally. An industry that took shape and prominence during WW2. During those times when the young were getting drafted to fight the war, businesses had to scramble find talent. Finding people to work was a matter of life and death for a business. That’s when some specialists came to fore who used their skills to find great talent and put them to work at businesses.


Since then, it has evolved into a half a trillion-dollar mammoth that assumes extreme significance in today’s day and age. There are three massive changes that the world is looking at right now.

  • Gig work – The way people look at employment has changed. The days are gone when a candidate waits to get hired by a company and work until retirement. In a gig economy environment, people work for others as independent contractors and usually work on a per-project basis rather than a monthly salary. In the US over one out of three people are involved in the gig economy at this point.
  • Remote work – Advent of technology means that the teams don’t need to be physically together. That is to say, remote work means people working independently from their homes, cafes, and co-working spaces, from anywhere in the world! So, you would just need a laptop and a wireless connection to work remotely. At the moment remote work is fairly popular in the US. The giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and a lot of other leading companies in the tech space have adopted remote work. There are tons of benefits of remote work and that includes there’s a less cost to the business, it can improve productivity, job satisfaction, and work-life balance. It seems remote work is now taking over and it can be the future of work.
  • COVID-19 pandemic – Since the COVID-19 shutdown started more than ten percent of America’s workers have lost their jobs and filed for unemployment claims shattering records, reported by the latest official figures. Growing unemployment numbers put an unprecedented strain on phone lines and websites dedicated to unemployment benefits. It seems the recession is coming to the US much faster than most economists had anticipated. The US economy is majorly dependent on services, on retail, on private consumption, all those businesses are halted because the customer base is eroded quickly and those people who lost jobs means the inability to pay for the schooling of kids, their rents, their bills all these with a very bad impact on the work situations of many Americans. With record levels of unemployment, the industry, politicians, and staffing leaders will have to work on a war footing to get people back to work. In this kind of a operating environment, technology has a great role to play. When you are operating a recruiting/staffing business, the most important software you will need is an ATS + CRM for recruiting agencies.



ATS + CRM for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies.

Being a massive industry with low barriers to entry means that it is a very competitive industry. There are thousands of recruiting and staffing firms all over the world. According to American Staffing Assocation, there are about 20,000 staffing businesses in US alone (Source)! In this competitive world, small recruiting and staffing firms need an unfair advantage. The advantage is speed! As they say, it’s not the big that eat the small…it’s the fast that eats the slow.

The weapon for a small agency is its speed and productivity. You need a recruiting agency software that can help you and your team of recruiters be faster and productive.

Here are some of the things that recruiting agency software can do for you.


  • Post jobs on different job boards and expand your reach: With an applicant tracking system you can post job adverts to several major job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, CV-Library, and many more from the same platform and manage all the applicants within the ATS.
  • Help you stay organized and streamlined: Long gone are the days, when you had to break your head through spreadsheets, emails, and filing systems. That means, using an ATS provides you a seamless experience to manage your workflow and keep all data organized in one place.
  • Help you organize your sales workflow and get more job orders: With a powerful and robust ATS and CRM software Recruiterflow you can run email drip campaigns to engage and collaborate with your clients and manage the workflow better. An email campaign tool helps you to send sequence emails to customers or prospects, it will help you get the customers and prospects engage with your business and help you get more job orders from existing customers and convert leads effectively and efficiently. This makes an ATS and CRM software with an email marketing tool perfect for building a relationship and collaborate with customers.
  • Improve candidate experience: An Applicant tracking system helps you to provide a great candidate experience which is one of the most important parts of your business. Know your ideal candidates and attract them by providing them with significant interviews with suitable companies. Use pre-screen questions to knock-out unqualified candidates and create a great professional and well-qualified candidate pool. It will allow the candidates to have a seamless experience.
  • Automate repetitive tasks: An Applicant tracking system helps you automate your repetitive tasks. Recruiting is all about communication and sometimes it can overwhelm you and sap precious hours out of your day. A great ATS can help you automate the mundane busywork so that you can focus on what’s important – building relationships!
  • Analytics and Reports: As the old adage goes, you can’t improve, what you can’t measure. A robust ATS + CRM software will help you measure your KPIs and keep track of your pipelines, efficiency and productivity.
  • Regulatory compliance:Data privacy is a big concern in recruiting. After the GDPR laws being implemented in Europe, it is essential to be compliant with GDPR. An applicant tracking system will help you stay compliant with GDPR with minimal effort and relieve you from the hassle of maintaining data on your own.


In closing, while you can run a recruiting and staffing agency, without an ATS + CRM software. However, this is akeen to bringing a knife to a gun fight. You need the best that technology has to offer to maintain your competitive edge over others.