CBD For Psoriasis: Potential Benefits And Product Advice

Nowadays, CBD has gained the public’s attention and is continuing to surprise us with its usefulness in managing most ailments and disorders, a variety of healing and calming properties, including issues related to skin health. Are CBD benefits for psoriasis just a myth, or is it worth trying CBD treatment to prevent this skin condition? How to use CBD to help treat psoriasis? Read this article to find the answers to all your questions.

Psoriasis isn’t just a skin issue, it’s a serious chronic dermatological condition that affects millions of people all around the world. For many individuals, the symptoms of psoriasis significantly impact their quality of life and self-confidence. However, there is no effective cure for this disease, while available treatments and medications have severe side effects, especially in cases of long-term use.

Psoriasis can manifest in different forms, making it not only a difficult condition to live with but also a challenging one to cope with. That’s why an increasing number of people prefer to use CBD for psoriasis treatment. Let’s start with the basics: what is psoriasis, and what are its main symptoms?


What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune non-contagious inflammatory disease, caused by an accelerated cycle of skin cell growth, resulting in an accumulation of dead cells in the outermost layer of the skin. Eventually, these skin areas can turn into painful and itchy thick plagues or scales. The symptoms usually come and go and vary from mild to severe, including red patchy and scaly skin, burning, swelling and aches in joints.

A healthy person that doesn’t face psoriasis experiences a production of skin cells every month, making room for new cells. In contrast, people with psoriasis suffer from cells attacking the skin every 2-4 days. Psoriasis is commonly identified as red or pink eczema on elbows, palms, back, knees and scalp.

The immune system sends signals by mistake that the cells are infected and activates the excessive growth of new skin cells. Also, extended exposure to stress, specific environmental factors and an unhealthy diet can strongly influence the occurrence of psoriasis. Although genetics plays an essential role in the presence of psoriasis, the autoantigen that contributes to the accelerated cell division cycle is still unknown.

People with psoriasis can also be subjected to psoriatic arthritis and inflammation of the joints, which usually affect joints of the hands. Furthermore, most individuals might face psoriatic arthritis, characterised by pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints.

Temperate exposure to the sun, special care of the skin, balanced and healthy diet, and stress-free lifestyle are key points to relieve symptoms of psoriasis. Since traditional treatments come with a high risk of dangerous fall-outs, most people are desperate to find a safe alternative remedy. Can CBD claim the title of potential treatment of psoriasis, or is it just a big hype?


Does CBD Help With Psoriasis?

CBD is a natural supplement and effective method to improve health condition without risks of unwanted adverse effects and even addiction that is often caused by prescription medicaments or drugs.


1.  CBD Can Inhibit Skin Cell Overproduction

Disorder of the immune system triggers an overgrowth of skin cells, which then leads to painful itching and scaling. CBD can repress the growth and reproduction of human keratinocyte depending on the taken dose. Also, CBD can soothe symptoms of psoriasis, such as patching, swelling, and flaking.


2.   CBD Can Act as an Immunosuppressant

Down-regulation of the immune system might be useful for alleviating the symptoms, acute responses and discomforts of such skin conditions. CBD has shown immunosuppressant effects and can cause death in a person’s T-lymphocyte cells by inducing the demise of coreceptors СD4+ and CD8+.


3.  Anti Inflammatory Qualities


Cannabidiol is a potent anti-inflammatory remedy that not only reduces the visual signs of inflammation but also helps to target the cause of inflammation. CBD can help to reduce the appearance of skin inflammation by influencing the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors which occur throughout the body. CBD binds with the CB2 receptor to control inflammation and may be used as a treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.


4.  CBD Has Anti Infections Effects.

Various life-threatening infections instigated by bacteria, fungi, or virus as well as many medications can result in worsening of psoriasis state and new flare-ups.

CBD is known to possess antimicrobial effects and high activity against antibiotic-related staphylococcus bacteria and gram-positive bacteria. This might be useful in avoiding complications that are related to infections.


5.   CBD May Reduce Stress.

Psoriasis can take a real emotional surge and anxiety, which can lead to depression in some patients. Also, stress is one of the initiators of psoriasis appearance.

CBD works by activating the serotonin receptor to boost levels of serotonin in the brain. It also prevents the reuptake of adenosine and anandamide neurotransmitters, which can improve the mood. As a result, CBD can help to diminish constant worry and anxiety-associated disorders and promote a positive and calmer mindset.

When medications can’t help to treat your depression caused by harmed self-confidence due to psoriasis, CBD could be a non-intoxicative and non-addictive alternative.


The Best CBD Products For Psoriasis

CBD has flooded the health and wellness market by a variety of assortment, concentrations, types, and flavours. The choice of a certain product depends on the individual preferences, medical condition and the severity of a disorder. Take your time to try available on the market products to find a suitable CBD form that is safe, effective and suits your body needs.

  • Food & drink. Food products with CBD can be anything from snacks, chocolate and gummies to tea, beverages, protein bars and powders. Also, there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free products with pure composition and all-natural ingredients mixed with CBD compound;
  • Oils, tinctures and syrups. A liquid form of products allows easily taking oil by placing the oil under the tongue to increase the bioavailability. Also, oil works as a great food supplement that can be added to your favourite meals and beverages. You may add a few drops of oil when you make cookies, desserts, and other meals;
  • Capsules and tablets. Pills and capsules provide an accurately pre-calculated and consistent dosage of CBD that stays in an organism for a more prolonged period. Capsules are flavourless and tasteless to intake daily CBD dose quickly and discreetly, unlike oil drops when it’s necessary to place a dropper in the mouth;
  • Creams, balms and roll-on sticks. Topical use can provide target application, fast absorption and effective treatment. These products penetrate deeply through the skin layers to help heal inflamed areas and body parts;
  • Vaping. Smoking guarantees an almost instant effect of CBD benefits by inhaling the oil or CBD juice using a vaporiser. You can buy vape pens or vaping devices with a replaceable cartridge infused with CBD or inhale CBD oil from ready-to-use disposable vape pens. Keep in mind: constant vaping may negatively impact respiratory health and lung function.


Final Thoughts

Cannabidiol is a widely used product with minor side effects and overall safety. Therapeutic effects and various benefits make CBD remedy worth considering and trying. CBD can be used for multiple reasons: to help in managing inflammation, pain, stress and discomforts of psoriasis symptoms, which can improve the quality of life.

However, psoriasis treatment requires discussion with a dermatologist and health care provider to determine the best course of therapy and risk-free experience.