If you’re an avid fan of health products and fitness you might be aware of the word CBD oil. CBD oils are increasing in popularity and becoming more and more widely available and in-use by all sorts of people. Many health experts consume CBD oils today almost religiously, and this trend isn’t looking to be waving off any time soon. So the question those who’re unaware of what CBD oil is might be What is CBD oil?. We’ll try answer this to the best of our degree below. Read on!

What is CBD oil?

CBD is an extract stemming from the hemp-plan which originates from the Americas. The hemp-plant is known to have been used as a medicine by the indigenous peoples of the Americas for millennia prior to the European explorers discovering the continent. Even during and after the age of exploration, hemp was widely cultivated by all people, indigenous and Europeans. George Washington himself had reportedly been growing hemp in his own farm at big numbers.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that hemp started to have a negative connotation. There was a big lobby against the growing of this plant and this ultimately ended up with it being banned from North America and this effect in turn spread to Europe after the end of the second World War.

Today, hemp has had a long history of being banned in the Western world, but we’re increasingly rediscovering the health benefit that the plant produces and this in turn is leading to rapid deregulation and legalization of this plant and its extracts.

CBD oil is an extract that can be found in the hemp-plant and this is today fully legal in all of the western countries. The only part of hemp that is currently illegal is the psychoactive substance THC. As long as you extract oils from hemp that fall below 0.2% THC you are good to go. CBD meets this requirement. CBD today contains no more than 0.2% THC. This means that the substance is fully legal, non-psychoactive (you don’t get high or similar from it), and you absorb the healthy benefits hemp has offered humanity for millennia.

People would previously take the good with the bad. They would smoke hemp, take the high in order to acquire the health benefits. The former is today no longer necessary. We can enjoy all the health benefits and not have to feel any psychoactive changes at all. Great, huh?

Where can you get CBD oils?

CBD oils are recommended by health experts all across the globe today. One question might be where you can get your hands on good and quality CBD oil. One thing you can do is visit your local pharmacy if CBD is classified as a medicine where you live. This is the case with some countries around the globe. In others, the government has not yet classified CBD as a medicine, meaning you can’t buy it at a pharmacy. In such cases, private stores could be selling it as a supplement. There is no risk in this whatsoever. CBD is CBD and as long as the brand is the same, the CBD you find at pharmacies is the same as you find as food supplements. It can be compared to vitamin C supplements. What some countries allow to be sold at pharmacies others might just sell as supplements and it is still the same thing.

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