Corporate videos with custom intros are video communication tools that are used for internal and external corporate messaging/communication. In simpler words, corporate videos are videos that are used to explain your product or service to a specific audience or for training purposes. The major difference between a traditional advert and a corporate video is that the video adverts run on televisions are for a wider audience while corporate videos are meant for a specific audience only, not the public at large.


How did Corporate Videos become so popular?

Before video content took the world by storm, corporate videos were only used for internal communications in large organizations or for advertisements on the television. Expensive video making equipment and editing software put constraints on the budget available for making corporate videos. But ever since the cost of video making has reduced significantly thanks to lower prices of HD cameras and many editing software becoming free, corporate video production has become very popular even among organizations which are small in scale.

But the popularity of corporate videos goes far beyond and above just the costs related to the whole process becoming lower. Consumers and potential customers respond more to content that is provided to them via video rather than another medium. For example if your business website has corporate videos on the site explaining the brand and creating awareness about what it is all about, visitors are likely to spend more time on it and even engage more than they would have if your website only contained written text or pictures.

Also corporate videos are a very effective way to convey a bulk of information in a very short time. Which is why corporate videos are widely used by organizations to explain and create awareness about complex projects or product designs.

Types of Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos are not just limited to the means of advertising a product or service. There are many types of corporate videos that can be used for various purposes.

  • Promotional Videos: These type of videos are used to introduce and explain a new product or service, or to create awareness over a specific corporate initiative.
  • Training Videos: Training videos have a very wide usage. They can be used to bring new hires on-board, for health and security training or even to teach the employees a new skill.
  • Internal Communication Videos: Internal communication videos are used to relay information within the organization. From latest financial results to corporate changes being made.
  • Conference Videos: Conference videos are made to relay information to the people attending corporate events. These videos can be played during presentations, in specific trade booths and even on screens around the venue.

How do Corporate Videos benefit Businesses & Corporations?

Corporate Videos are very beneficial for a business and corporations. Here are some reasons why:

  • They are Cost Effective: The initial investment is required for making a corporate video. But, given the ease of being able to share and circulate it online for free makes it a very cost effective way to create brand awareness.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization: Statistics have shown that a website that contains videos is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search. Making corporate videos a part of your marketing strategy will not only improve your SEO rankings but also increase traffic on your business website.
  • Wider Reach: In the age of social media, creating and sharing your company’s corporate videos provides a very wide reach which is not limited to a specific market segment.
  • More Information Conveyed: Corporate videos are a very effective way to pass on a bulk of information in a short time. The time that was wasted on explaining a business function before can be used on something else.

What are the Current Trends in Corporate Video Production?

Corporate videos are an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy now. It is important that the corporation stays in-sync with the current trends in corporate video production to keep their video content relevant. Below are some of the current trends in corporate video production.

Live Action

These type of videos don’t include animations which are generally used in explainer videos. Rather these videos are actually shot video footage. These videos carry an authentic and instructive tone that involves body language and actual emotions which makes them more relatable.

Stock Footage

These are not exactly whole videos rather pieces of video content that can be used in a number of corporate videos rather than shooting new video content from scratch. They are also referred to as library shots which can be added with other content like animations to make a new video.

Projection Mapping

Corporate videos are a great way to market a business at a corporate event. Projection mapping can be ideal if you want to make a big splash at such events with your corporate video. This type of video making involves projecting 3D images on a flat surface for a more immersive viewing experience.

360 Degree Videos

These type of videos have become highly popular as they allow the viewer to be involved in the playback of the video. The viewer choose the angle to watch by simply clicking and dragging a finger or a cursor across the screen.


What does the future hold for Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is a rapidly progressing area of corporate communication. New technologies and video making techniques provide innovative ways for corporations to communicate with both internal and external audiences. Technologies like 360 degree videos provide a deeper level of engagement than simple 2D or animation explainer videos ever did.

In such a dynamic environment one can’t help but think what is next? What else can you do that provides you an edge over your competitors? Well, for now the answer is virtual reality. While the demand for this genre of video making is still very much limited to the gaming and extreme sports industry, it is wise to keep an eye out for this technology for the corporate video production as well.