CFA Study Material – Preparing for CFA

There are millions of students around the globe who are taking different types of exams at different points on different levels. Each and every exam has a different level of difficulty. One must put in all effort to achieve a desired goal. The financial analysts are the one who are booming in the business and economic sector of any country. Their field of study requires an exam to be passed


The CFA is the Chartered Financial Analyst program exam that brings out an individual who is active in the investment and financial department and wants to become a professional at it. The CFA exam is taken only once a year in June at all the test centers in the world and the medium for this exam is in English Language. There are three levels in the CFA Exam. Each comes with a different difficulty level and moreover it provides benefits to the CFA holder. In order to get through the CFA program a candidate need to clear all three level of CFA Examination.

Preparing for CFA

The preparation of CFA must be done quite effectively as it is the most important component. You can only pass the three levels at CFA if you are active in working and good in preparing your stuff that is required. In preparation you must take the CFA mock exams, the CFA practice exams and you must have a clear view of what you are studying. Do not hold yourself back in the thought that you may not be able to complete it.

CFA study Material

Any form of study would require preparation and for every preparation the content for preparation is required. The content for the preparation is present at different levels on different areas and it is easily assessable. Following are few things you need to know and must have in order to prepare for the exam. The study material, the content must be with you for the preparation.

CFA Curriculum (the CFA curriculum includes a lot of stuff, books, e-books, notes, lecture pages that are generally between 2500 to 3500 pages).

  • Get the materials from class and make notes yourself.
  • Do not neglect the official CFA curriculum.
  • FinQuiz also helps as it has a lot of study material regarding all the levels of CFA exams.
  • The CFA institute has books regarding each level. You can collect books from there.
  • The online e-books are also available for your reference and material related to all three levels are separately present there in each e-book.
  • CFA exam study guides are also available.
  • You can also get study materials from Kaplan Schweser as it also provides content or study material for all three levels at CFA.
  • There are free resources also present on the internet for the preparation of CFA.

As explained by FinQuiz, each and every level at CFA has different study material required and each sections material is uploaded somewhere for the candidates to have it for the final take of CFA.

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